Post build

How do I post build again, to see devotion, attributes, masteries. So I can get help again?

There was a site, Grim calc is it?.

It says 2 available points, and where it says damage per second it has a ?. It’s showing the wrong numbers stats.

Browser not download version calc

It means you have 2 available points and it can’t show the dmg per second of the skill you have bound to your mouse button.

Browser not download version calc

Browser not what now?

You don’t need to down the offline version if that is what you are talking about.

It’s broken, it shows the wrong numbers, I have different damage so on. Going to use the download one instead.

It is working fine for the rest of us though…

What I see is its broken, I can post a picture of in Grim Dawn numbers, and what calc shows you want me to make you look stupid.

Grim Tool Calc works fine fact

Grim Tool calc has never shown things exactly as in game fact it is just a tool fact

Fact. :slight_smile:


Referring to “stupid”:
You have recognized that Grimtools shows average numbers which are maybe quite different from your ingame items?

it shows the average rolls from gear choices, not what your actual rolls are. so the stats it shows will never match exactly what you have.