Post which Grim Dawn soundtrack you like the most?

Before this expac I used to like DC soundtrack, Edge of Reality’s TQ Soundtrack and Karroz/Warden Boss Soundtrack equally

But now Malmouth soundtrack has to be my favorite, it’s so gloomy and fits the atmosphere perfectly. I love it :smiley:

This. /10chara

  1. Homestead. For me it remains the best. I feel like it captures humanity’s last stand against the invaders.
  2. Fleshworks. Thought it sounded cool.
  3. Ugdenbog + Malmouth equally. I can’t decide which is better

Can you be more specific as to which locations these tracks start?
I sometimes end up playing the game on mute to make sure I hear the doorbell and other real world stuff :undecided:

I love the Gloomwald/Ugdenbog theme, specially when you get to that part with the kickass tune.

The final boss of the expansion has some pretty great tunes, but i need to hear them separately. Kind of hard to pay attention when you are trying not to get killed though.

I heard in the Fleshworks. It begins right when you enter the dungeon. I also heard it in: SPOILER AHEAD Edge of reality DC

Take the Ugdenbog rift and you can hear it. It will pass about 2 mins before the spine chilling tune comes in. (pretty much witch hunter themed :smiley: )

EDIT: After hearing them again Ugdenbog is 2nd place. :smiley:

I like them all, but the one that I like the most, is the soundtrack from the Ugdenbog area… seriously, that soundtrack, combined with the ambient sound FX makes the whole “evil forest” atmosphere of the Ugdenbog area looks pretty fantastic for me! :slight_smile:

Thank you for the pointers. I must’ve not paid much attention to these tracks while exploring. Malmouth one caught me buy surprised because of the “gloomy bell” sound
The Ugdenbog sountrack and Fleshworks soundtrack fit the atmosphere perfectly

we have to thank the sound guys who did an amazing job on setting an amazing atmosphere for the game. My personal favorite is the theme of the final boss because it sounded different from the twitter version which I heard prior to the release and lot better as final product. and please Crate maybe give log some soundtrack too, music makes boss fights more exciting :rolleyes:

Yeah don’t discriminate against Chthonians!!

Also does Ulgrim have a soundtrack should you choose to fight him. I think that fight due to the sheer awesomeness deserves it