Pre-April Fools Video Thread (Closed)

Will be posted here when it is finished…

Edit - ok, ok, enough is enough. Closing this to get ready for the real-deal which should be posted within the next 24 hours unless something goes horribly wrong. Definitely still before the end of the year though! :wink:

ROFD (Rolling Ón Floor, Drooling):stuck_out_tongue:

That made my heart skip a beat :slight_smile:

FINISH IT NOW! :stuck_out_tongue:

lol thanks med… the whole community has been waiting for this for a long time…

ahhhhh… what a dick.

I read the title and said “bullshit!” out of excitement.
Turns out it was bullshit. :cry:

Seriously -_-

med you deserve to have your fourm spamed now… :stuck_out_tongue: our first troll on the fourm is med

haha, nice one Med! :stuck_out_tongue:

This will become my main thread of this week, checkin’ it 20 times a day. ^^
Can hardly wait for it…

I know right?!

medierra, any luck getting the game to cooperate so far? :stuck_out_tongue:

It should normally be like this, you record almost thoroughly impressive video, but there’s SOMETHING little that bugs you and you just can’t cut it out from the middle anyway!

I guess GD communitys F5-buttons are about to wear off.

dude my pants were already unzipped and everything. What are you gunna do about it now?!

Seriously that was mean. :smiley:

I can’t wait! But I will.

We have a version of the video that we will release, probably tomorrow or monday, if we can’t get a better run-through by then. Right now though I’m in tax-hell, so I won’t get a chance to try some more run-throughs until later tonight.


Wait, that makes no sense.

But you have finished your battles with the compression tunings of youtube in advance, right? :smiley:

I just did my taxes recently as well…I miss the days of getting refunds lol.

Oh, and dude, this thread was NOT nice! I hope you get audited this year :furious:

I nearly shit my pants when I read the forum title. That was just pure evil :frowning:

What the hell.

Cock tease.

Looking forward to this, that rpgwatch link was too quick for me.