Preemptive suggestion:avoiding updates that destroy builds

This request may seem weird but i would like to suggest updates to happen in a way that doesnt completely destoy builds. It doesnt seem to have happened in Grim Dawn yet, but when i played Diablo 3, i remmber experiencing the issue of pouring dozen of hours into dropping specific items for a build(eg: a demon hunter build that could spam explosive arrows), only to see it ruined by an update that completely made it unplayable or really less fun.
The design of some skills was completely changed various times.

I am pretty sure this is less likely to happen here in Grim dawn, but with Diablo 3 there were really many up and down that felt frustrating to me and other players.

they can with each major balance update give an item to any toon that say above level 30 or 40 that will allow you to reset all skill points & stat points.

Or just give a full respc after every major balance patch.

There’s no chance in hell for a full respec in GD.

As to op, skills rarely even get touched aside from number changes, there is nothing to worry about.

What if they make Cunning and Spirit actually worthwhile investment and nerf the bonus from Physique in an update? Basically, the people who invested almost fully in Physique will be mostly likely screwed.

The only reason people pump points into Physique currently is because Cunning and Spirit are not worth investment, at least compared to Physique.

The request is a bit odd since it’s kind of like asking a bartender to never spill any drinks. Put a little too directly it’s kind of like telling a person to be careful when they haven’t showed any sign of carelessness.

Mistakes will be made and sometimes that might warrant the slightest, least intrusive nerfs to prevent the player base from converging on some build that lets them just cheese through the entire game in invincible god mode.

To somewhat echo your suggestion under different wording though, I think a reasonable request is one to strive to look for every single reason not to nerf, to just let things stand when possible, and if all else fails and a nerf still seems necessary, make sure it’s merely a nerf that diminishes effectiveness somewhat and not like a change to the design of a skill or item so as to render builds using them slightly less effective, not to completely change the whole appeal of the skill or item. To me a nerf is a total failure if a lot of the people using the skill or item abandon it after the nerf in favor of something else, even if other people now desire the item (the latter case would suggest that the item or skill’s design changed too much to be rendered completely undesirable to its previous owners and wasn’t merely a nerf). It’s a success if the same people still continue to find the item/skill acceptable even if it’s slightly less powerful.

Buffs are similar but they’re never quite as intrusive. Yet if someone created a build and every single skill or item around them got buffed but not theirs, and suddenly their relatively-powerful build is one of the weakest builds out there as a result of all the surrounding buffs, that too ruins the build in a sense. So even buffs are something I think are best applied sparingly, though not to the extent of nerfs.

The way I see it is that this game doesn’t bother with security of a sort that prevents cheating, item duping, etc. It doesn’t focus that much around player economies and doesn’t need to worry about putting every single build out there on reasonably even footing. That would bore a lot of people if that were the case, since this game really appeals a lot to hardcore build designers and optimizers. Their whole intent is to find builds that are superior, and an extreme game that has no builds that are inferior to others or superior to others would take away that entire incentive.

The biggest reason to seek balancing here IMO is fun and diversity, to maximize the range of build ideas that aren’t goofing around that really work well. If one build screams out as absolutely superior to all others in every single way imaginable, then the main reason that’s really bad in this game’s scenario to me is that a lot of players might converge on that idea (either discovering it themselves or copying) and then cheese through the game, making them get rapidly bored with its content as opposed to continuing to exhaust other ideas (which a lot wouldn’t if they were clearly inferior to this one godly build).

Such an extreme OP case would, for many, ruin the appeal of all alternative options. A game which seems to have infinite possibilities but quickly makes it apparent that only one or two are extremely effective doesn’t really have so many. As I see it, the only reason to buff or nerf anything is to continue to give players the sense that there are viable alternatives which aren’t clearly superior or clearly inferior so that the most effective ways to play the game don’t end up quickly getting exhausted, so that even players intent on making the most powerful builds don’t give up as a result of the game making it too obvious that they’re going to fail if they don’t use some OP build/gear that someone else already discovered.

Agreed with OlerOnion, this is like telling your friend “hey, don’t get in any car wrecks today”. The devs aren’t planning to wreck your build- or, if they are, it’s because the alternative is worse.

Just to be clear the full respc that i was talking about is already there in POE and the devs there just like to destroy builds or nerf builds some times extra hard.
That’s why when a massive update happens you will enter the game to find your entire skills have been reset and there are other ways to unlearn skills.

Think of it as a safety measure that if they decided to shift the meta in a huge way you don’t end up with many of your characters useless unless you use something like the defiler.

But all that IF they do something like that if not then i don’t see the need for it though i would like to get the ability to unlearn mastery points.
There is no need for this old restriction from the day of TQ.

Again, it won’t happen. It’s just not possible in GD, there are no dedicated servers so it’s not feasible for them to touch your characters.