Prefix and suffix list?

I cannot seem to find a list of prefixes and suffixes in simple format. I’m clueless on rares and it’s almost guaranteed I’ve vendored some priceless items. I’ve seen some threads on “best rare I’ve seen” and so forth, but no comprehensive list. I see that Graceful Dusk has Prefix and Suffix listed in search, but it appears you need to know them in advance to get any useful info. Looking for links or instructions on how to use Dusk to get what I’m looking for.

Just select prefix and/or suffix on dusk, select an item type, and it’ll show them all. Shouldn’t take long too learn the important ones

Honestly the chances of you vendoring priceless items is pretty low unless you’ve been insta selling all your greens w/o looking for hundreds of hours

Thanks, now I’m weeping.

Is there any objectively “best” prefix/suffix or is it specific to your build? For example, so far I’ve just reviewed the prefixes for pistols. “Tyrants” is a decent generic one, but there are many that might be better depending on your damage type(s).

Most of them are build specific. Only one that comes to mind that can fit in any build is Dragonhoul which gives OA, DA, armor and health regen.

For armor slots there is ‘best’ ones like stonehide that provide a ton of resists/health

For weapons you want conversion/flat damage prefix mostly, or damage booster secondary for offhands. Of voracity/fury are great suffix for non caster weapons, attack speed/lifesteal or attack/cast/total speed with some OA and total damage

Incorruptible is a pretty great prefix, too.