Hello to all!

Im Juan Ignacio, from Argentina, but my nick is Diveo, im 26 and i played tons of games, i come from D3 and WoW, FPS, etc… i just bought the game on monday and i really liked the game! :star_struck:

Sorry for my bad english but well, i come here to sent some feedback and read some interesting things about this game!

If dev or someone from the game read this, im here to thank you for this game and this game have a powerful potential, i really like the lore, the specs, the skills, the map, all! it’s a great game, a friend talked to me with this game, and i honestly don’t take it so well, but when i played it i loved it, so well, here i am!

Greets from here in SA, hope you all are good.


Hi Diveo,welcome to Grim Dawn game and forum,hope you’ll enjoy it !

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Hi men! Nice to see other people from argentina

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Welcome to the game and to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Welcome! I hope you enjoy the forum as much as you enjoy the game

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