Presenting: Dedicated Support Class

Hi all! I’m new to these forums, but quite experienced at character building. I’ve been posting them over the last 8 months over in the Grim Dawn Community fb group, but I thought it might be nice to start sharing them here. To begin with, I present you the DEDICATED SUPPORT BUILD:

Dedicated Support

Just recently, someone was asking about a dedicated support build. I’d built a few 100% support builds in the past, but they each required decent updating due to changes in items, and my own understanding of character building is better than it was when I made the originals.

Here is a DEDICATED SUPPORT build. This is NOT a solo build, the damage is worse than bad, it’s literally useless against some ultimate mobs if they have life leech. However, the healing and team-sustain (including regen, massive team resistance buffs, damage buffs and OA/DA buffs) is just about second to none that I’ve seen. It also blinds and reduces enemy damage to assist the team further. A full list of team benefits and debuffs to enemy is below. Side note: I have a really strong healer type builds that can actually solo things as well, which I’ll upload at some stage. For now, enjoy this dedicated healer and have a read of it’s team benefits:

Benefits to Team:

–Team Resistance Buffs–
*** +33% Physical Resistance ***
+45% Aether/Chaos Resistances
+115% Poison/Acid Resistance
+85% Elemental Resist
+15% all other resistances

100% Reduction to Bleeding DoT duration
100% Reduction to Poison DoT duration

Blood of Dreeg - 28% HP Restored
Word of Renewal - 19% + 1090 Restored
Touch of Purity - 12% + 600 Restored
Bysmiel’s Authority - 10% +700 Restored
Healing Rain - 10% +700 Restored
*** 2x Summon Familiar, each with 15%+735 Restored per second ***

–HP and Energy Regeneration–
306 + 113% HP Regen
19 + 55% Energy Regen, with 25% Energy Restored every ~10s

–OA Buff–
*** 424+8% ***

–DA Buff–

–Damage Absorption–
+400 from Stone Form
+270 from Inquisitor Seal

–Bonus Damage–
+355% Pierce
+303% Phys
+459% Ele
+325% Acid
+325% Vitality
+253% All other Damage
+17% Crit Damage

–Reductions to Enemy–
-24% Reduction to Enemy Damage
-35% Reduction to Elemental Damage
-20% Chance to Fumble and of Impaired Aim

While this build does offer some RR, they’re fairly low:
-55% poison/acid
-55% Vit
-55% Elemental
-40% Physical
-58% Bleed
-25 To all other resists

This build is designed to significantly boost the chances of team survival against endgame content!

Enjoy. :slight_smile:


I thought we already have dedicated support class - it’s called Inquisitor. :smile:


Birb Doctors :bird:


no death sentence?

I suppose the build was more focused on buffing the team and ensuring their survivability, rather than stripping the enemy resistances…

aye, just thought a few points out of transmuter and modifier for seal and exclusive skill (doesnt affect the %pys res) could help a bit. Also the impaired aim on word of agony could be a good defensive buff.

It’s a good idea. Especially adding a bit more impaired aim! The shield gives 20% impared aim, but only in a 6m radius near the character; it’d be great to just cast impaired aim at pesky ranged mobs from across the battlefield while the team is focusing down a boss or something, and it’d be more reliable than the shield proc, too. Good thinkin’!

Sorry to necro this thread, but this is the most interesting support build I’ve seen. What do you think of replacing the gloves with Mythical Apothecary Set?

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I love it!

This build was conceptualised before the Augur set was released. Replacing the gloves for additional, regular heal and regen is fantastic, and at no serious cost to the build (lose a bit of armour).

Good thought :smiley:

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