Presenting.... ME!


 I am a student in NY heading to LA in two weeks to Gnomon School (wish it was earlier because then I could apply to be a part of this :) ).  I am a huge fan of TQ, and I am very excited for GD.  In my personal opinion, supporting this project is an importance of national level!

 In all seriousness though, games like TQ have been very influential in my career choice and therefore very important to me, and thus I say good luck and good fortune to you!  I will be following your progress closely, though I have never been one to linger on forums :D

Welcome to the forums and best of luck at Gnomon!

Thanks much!

Hmm I thought gnomon was an online, dvd thing for art students.
Didn’t know they actually had a school over in LA.

Btw, welcome to the forum!

Welcome to Grim Dawn forum. :smiley: