Pretty new to games like this in need of some help

Not really sure which abilities to level or max out. Tried reading up on stuff but they don’t make too much sense. I really want to get into the game as it seems amazing but I’m a little lost on how to get items and what to max out on my character such as spirit or what not. I’m a Shaman/Occultist level 20. I’ve been finding great success with the swarm ability along side with the ability to summon a monster and a totem. Not sure if its the way to go but it seems to be doing a lot of damage. Some tips would be appreciated! Thanks.

Your first character have the hardest job. Because have to start the game without legacy items. But after beating the game even in normal, new character are easier to make. Because at this point you have items to share with them.
Personaly, I am a map cleaner. I kill every enemy and check every stone. That’s a way to get items.
Also check this guide:

And for a non-pet conjurer, I am a fan of this build:

For general advice, I’d say put one point in devouring swarm, then one point in things that seem useful, and then crank up your mastery. In the early levels having extra hp & energy will help you so much more than an extra 10 damage or whatever you get from added points into talents.

+1 for the pokemon master build, first time you should feel the game getting any hard, is at ultimate at some places. But overall, great starter build.

Don’t know about bleeding conjurer though, never tried it. Personally i’m just not a fan of Dot builds…they never worked very well in any game i’ve tried them in :stuck_out_tongue:

Make sure you start on Veteran difficulty.

I wish I had; Normal was like the most disappointing parts of D3 Inferno days.