'Previous bounty' button


Why there is a ‘next bounty’ button but not a ‘previous’ one? I wanted to do some bounties in reversed order but then the game told me (‘you have fulfilled all bounties for this session’). Bounties need an overhaul.

If I remember correctly the “Next” button is to enable people to skip a bounty as there was a an issue with not being able to skip some for a reason I cannot remember at this moment, not to be able to choose what order you want to do them in. Hope this helps :wink:

Yes, but if we had a previous button you could do some skipped bounties earlier, because I didn’t intend to completely discard them.

I’m really struggling to remember the why, but I think the skip was to do with bounties that you couldn’t do without having to exit and re-start the game to respawn the area so being able to go back to them wouldn’t have made any difference as you’d still have to exit and restart the game.

But this is 99% guessing and probably not even 1% certain :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: