Primal Strike/Ranged Shaman combo? Viable?

haven’t played in a while and just started a fresh crucible, I remember primal strike being pretty killer back in the day.

I am just level 20, but I have 16/16 so far, but I am using a 2h Gun, and destroying packs of mobs instantly

I have not picked a second class yet

However when I started to look for a guide, I didn’t really see any with Primal Strike Ranged as the main attack

does it not scale well and work as good later on?


I made a guide for this type char not so long ago (although it was Chton who first did it in AoM), here you go. Scroll down a bit for Lightning version.

thank you kindly

No problem. It’s probably one of the most overpowered builds in all of Grim Dawn (even with average green weapon).