Primal Strike second class?

Hi guys,

I paused the game for a few weeks and i wanna try a melee primal strike build now.
What do you think is the best second class? I really do not like firemine (demo)so how about conjurer?
CoF seems to be a nice debuff but will i get Problems surviving?

Haven’t tried Lightning Conjurer yet

Made an interesting build

Perhaps you can modify that to include primal strike, the raven and blood of dreeg / guardian’s aspect.

The raven would provide a nice extra buff to elemental damage, while blood of droog is one of the strongest survival skills

Soldier/shaman would probably be the easiest to itemize for, but Conjurer could be interesting as well. Just max out blood of dreeg and its modifier for good survivability.

Honestly, I would wait until the Inquisitor is released and make a melee shaman/inquisitor, since the inquisitor has a lot of support for lightning damage.

I’m personally waiting to make any new elemental characters until Inquisitor comes out, but feel free to do whatever you feel like doing! That’s all part of the fun.

The main reason to pick occultist is CoF, which is easy to apply (and proc things with) -30% lightning res. Paired with Viper, Arcane Bomb and Elemental Storm, that’s -88% res without factoring in gear.
Blood of Dreeg is just an extra, albeit a very useful one.

Demolitionist is in my opinion the best second mastery for Primal Strike, both ranged and melee.

Flame Touched with Temper, Flashbang, transmuted BWC, Blast Shield, Vindictive Flame and Thermite Mines.