Printable Grim Dawn Keyboard Map or binding?!

Why can I Not find a Printable Grim Dawn Keyboard Map or binding?! Just a B&W copy to print on a B&W printer Without burning through tons of toner?
Just got the game and it would be nice to find and use (print) a Keyboard Map or binding. First KB&M game in 25 years or so and think it would be nice to blow it up to about 16 point type and hang it on my wall to view while learning.

Did Everyone forget us ‘old’ people play games too?:furious:

Thanks for a reply - if you have a link to a printable copy I would be very grateful.:smiley:


Welcome to the forums Kool Kevin. I don’t think it’s down to age (I’m in my 50’s) I just think that it’s not something that any game really bothers to provide, especially as it’s a mouse and very few keyboard controls. It’s not as if it’s Elite Dangerous style of full keyboard of controls.

You basically have mouse and numbers 1-0 with Y to toggle between hotkey bars, E & R for altenate health / energy, W for weapon swap and space/esc for pause / game menu.

You can configure all the keys to suit yourself so anyone making a printable overlay would only be good for a generic layoiut as it’s down to personal choice what skills you put where and what keys you change to suit yourself.

Arpg’s have a very basic keyboard layout and most of them all run the same 1-0 for skills so why would anyone bother to make up a keyboard layout for such a basic and std keyboard layout in the genere as the vast majority of gamers already know the layout… esp older gamers that have many years of using this layout ingrained in their souls. :smiley:

You definitely wanna play around with key bindings to suit your style and preferences instead of printing out and learning default bindings.

For example, healing and energy pots being bound to 9 and 0 is one of the things that call for customization.

Thank You! This makes sense. I have not used a KB/M setup since Privateer / Freelancer days, even then I spent the big bucks and got the Saitek X-52 HOTAS flight control system. I have been a big fan of controllers and coming back to the KB/M has been a bit hard - But I will learn them.

Thanks again for your help and your time.

And thanks also for the welcome, it is very nice to have a place to go and talk about a game you like. A friend is helping me (co-op) and that is a first for me. In fact, this is only my 2nd Online game of any kind (With other people in the game). Lots to see and learn.
We do indeed - live in a great time in human history.

Thank You for that. That could make it easier on my hands/wrist too!
I am a very visual learner and having a map makes it so much faster -but I get your point. Thanks for your help!

Best way to customize is to make sure you hand doesn’t have to move away from the most important keys and you never have to look at the keyboard. Also using mouse keys is advisable. I use 6 keys on the mouse and 8 keys on the keyboard (or 9 with pets where switching tabs is sometimes needed) which constitutes the 14 keys you need to play (10 tab slots, RMB and LMB and two pots).

Yeah, I’m up there in the greybeard crowd too. I normally post a bunch of new player friendly stuff whenever I can. Mostly on Steam because it happens to be minimized while my edsel pc runs the game.

That said, even if you prefer controllers over k/b+mouse I would opt for the latter because I’m not sure how many customizable buttons are on a new controller but k/b+mouse has more and you can set them up to be most comfortable for you.

Here’s what I use: k/b+mouse

I made you a table of Grim Dawn’s Default Keybinds using this site here (pretty handy)…

Just download this text file file, open it and print it out.

**Note: I have no idea if it prints out decently (ie. retaining its txt formatting). If it doesn’t print good download this text file and rename the .txt file extension to .html and then open it in your web browser for a cleaner look and try printing from the browser instead.

I actually right-clicked on the original text file I linked and selected Open With… and had to hunt down and choose my web-browser (Firefox), and then opened it directly in the browser. Firefox’s Print options appear to be much better looking than Windows Print options do directly from Notepad. Adjusting the Page Setup options in Firefox I set the scale to 100% and got rid of all the garbage margin & header info (except for the page count) and it managed to make the text display on the page very nicely and to fit on 2 pages only.

Or have another image (poorly stitched together). Plenty of options for ya now.

Just to point out those aren’t all the defaults :wink: Just so the OP doesn’t get confused.