Prismatic Diamond

Hi everyone !

I am looking for the prismatic diamond component. Is that component still exist or drop anymore?

If yes, where is the best places to farm them?

For the bueprint : Prismatic Diamond, can we get it from faction quartmaster after completing somes bounty quest or after reaching a certain amount of reputation? If yes, witch quartermaster can sell it to me?
Or where is the best places to farm Prismatic Diamond blueprint ?

Ty !!

Grim Dawn wikia states the recipe is item level 60 and randomly drops. It is not sold.

Ok Ty for the answer but anybody have an idea of the best spot to farm them?
I mean to farm the prismatic diamond or the blueprint itself ?

And is the item is going to start droping only when i will reach lvl 60? Or this item will only drop by lvl 60 mobs ?

By level 60 mobs.

Farming Nemesis for recipes usually works nicely.

In terms of monsters you aren’t any more likely to get it one place then another. The best way to farm blueprints is to farm treasure troves and to a lesser extent nemesis bosses. The best (fastest) trove to farm is the shrine of forgotten god chest, this is a semi hidden area in Gryver’s Mill behind a waterfall. Port to blood grove stick to the left (southish?, away from darkvale) wall and you can walk though the waterfall. Go to Homestead, craft 10000 dynamite at the legion smith, and just constantly blow up this up, reload/repeat. I am lacking in blueprints in hardcore and spent an hour doing this yesterday, extraordinarily boring but you will get A LOT of BPs. You also get a ton of iron and purple crafting mats which you can turn into legendaries at the celestial smith at Tyrant’s Hold. This method gets you tons of BPs, very high legendary/hour esp if you char has a dash ability (throw a rift stone onto a weapon for doing this if you don’t) and youcan choose the type of legendary made at the smith. and +1 to Koala mobs have to be level XX+ to drop level XX gear

I will also note that prismatic diamond just isn’t very good. There is a reason everyone, their mother, and their grandmother runs chains of oleron on chest and sanctified bone on head :wink: Not only does sanctified give a substantial amount of vit/chaos res (7% ele res is truly useless), but the racial damage bonus to undead/cthonic is a ton of damage. You will encounter those guys a lot regardless but 24/7 during end game farming and it gives us a lot more damage on to them on top of useful resists. Unless you have a character that is fully utilizing 2 or 3 types of the flat elemental damage I would stay far and away. Sanctified bone can also be bought at Homestead rep instead of doing runs and praying you get the diamond, might take you a long while to get it

Thx a lot everybody for all the good anwser !

It is also obnoxious as all fuck to craft, AFTER you’ve gotten the recipe to drop.

It takes so much good stuff to craft one… :frowning: