[Problem] Damage Layer is Under Elevated Terrain

Just got into modding and I’m loving it so far, my problem is that I am working on a map that is elevated. When I use the Damage Layer tool to make Damage Areas, the display of the layer is under the terrain making it hard to know where exactly I am placing the damage layer.

The damage layer should be on top of the terrain layer, unless I am doing something wrong?

Hey, Repalootez? Did you rebuild the map/pathing after you shaped the hill?

No I didnt, still all new to me, ill try to find that map/pathing function and give it a try.

Update: I went to the Layout Tab (bottem left of Editor) and clicked on “Build” between “Quest” and “Help” at the top left. I then clicked “Rebuild All Pathing” and “Rebuild all maps”. I then went back into Editor Mode, and tried adding the damage layer, it is still under the terrain.