Problem with extracting the game files correctly

Hello Community,

I started out Modding a few days ago, but now I am pretty lost.

I set up the Asset Manager after the Guide from Elfe (thx for that btw) and triplechecked the Directions in Tools -> Options, they look like this for me:


After extracting the Game Files several times and checking the pathing, the Expansions are still not integrated in the Database, instead I get several “Mods” in the Mods menu, namely these:

(and my own new created empty mod)

I checked in the database to see if the classes from the expansions are included, but I only got the base game, if I understand this correctly. For example in the Skilltree from the malepc01.dbr there are only the skilltrees for classes 01-06 integrated.

If anybody can enlighten me, I would be very thankful :pleading_face:

Thx in advance

gdx1/gdx2 are the expansions you are looking for, you need to merge these folders into your “main” folder where your database files are.

ok thx for the quick answer, so do I copy and paste the files from the 2 expansions into the main folder and edit the files that are double to be at the state of the dx2 right?

Edit: ok I copied all the files over into the main folder and now everything seems to work, I could now finally load my empty mastery into the game! :partying_face:

Thx a lot, now I am going to muddle through the skill creation and ui placement :grimacing: