Problems with blade master build at Epic difficult


I’m kind new to GrimDawn and I’m still learning this.
But right now I’m playing as blademaster for my first char.

I’m having some trouble at Epic mode. I can kill almost everything. I killed Loghorrean without too much trouble. But I can’t kill any Nemesis right now. Only took one to the 2nd stage. I just get one shoted pretty easily.

What I did wrong? Can I get some help?
I attached pics with my stats and build because i can’t link right now.

Points distribution at level 70:
Physique: 31
Cunning: 37
Spirit: 3

Devotion (all shires from Veteran and Epic):
Crossroads P1 (1pt)
Sailor’s Guide (3pts) (for cold resistance)
Tortoise (2pts)
Crossroads O1 (1pt)
Lion (3pts)
Assassin’s Blade (5pts)
Hammer (3pts)
Blades of Nadaan(6pts)
Scales of Ulcama (2pts)
Hawk (3pts)
Harpy (4pts)
Empty Throne (4pts)
Unknown Soldier (7pts)
Oleron (1pt)

Attachment: sc1.jpg
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Attachment: sc5.jpg

Start with a respec of your current build to this.

Thanks for your help!

I just tried this build and I could notice a better survivability. I manage to put some fight against the nemesis “Valdaran, The Storm Scourge”. I’m not able to kill him yet. I still suffer some serious damage, but I’m not getting one shoted this time!

Maybe i need to find some gear with better elemental damage mitigation.

Work on getting more hp if you can and more resists. The more you can survive the longer you can stand and fight them. Have a look at faction items for revered status and you can farm reputation by doing bounties. Some of the gear is very helpful, plus they sell augments that help a lot with resists and extra hp.

Yeah! I got some resistance and health. Now I’m doing way better. Started Ultimate to get some Devotion points. SoT and BoC became easy to farm now.

Thanks guys!

Nemesis is probably strong at your weak side. check his damage type and put up some resistance against it.

use corpse dust on your rings and ammy.

Considering you are a left click WPS build you should really have some ADCTH (attack damage converted to health). Make some hollow fangs and put them into your two weapons, or at least one, that should help survivability a lot.

Please post your devotions in Grim Calc so we can see which nodes you’re using in your partials.

I’d also recommend you pump Pneumatic Burst’s second modifier to max temporarily to see how it feels, it is a relatively enormous defensive boost, see how it feels.

I’m not a big fan of unknown soldier personally, but you do seem heavy on the piece so there is that. Maybe just grab the passive nodes because I’ve never been impressed with living shadow. You can also pick up some ADCTH in devotions and every auto attack build I’ve ever run basically needed a boatload to really feel good to use, especially melee ones.

Not having 4 or 6 points in Menhir’s Will when you’re a soldier just seems like a waste of the class’s potential.

You have to take unknown soldier as a blademaster, crazy not to. Menhir’s will only works with 1h+shield or 2 handers :wink:

OP you need better resists, some lifesteal would be nice, and you need to max out pneumatic burst/veil of shadow for the big heal which will greatly increase survivability as well as net you some bonus attack speed. Some of the end game gear is up to personal preference, but you definitely want to use Amonthar’s devotion setup and more or less the exact same mastery/skill setup. I’d try to get 12/12 pneumatic before anything else, that will be a huge huge boost to your survivability

Keep Markovian’s Advantage at 5/12, raising it above 20% chance to be used means your other WPS get used less which = less damage

Welp, you now know how much I do any build that isn’t sword and board. :x

I assume unknown soldier proc skill is better on a dedicated piercing build? I had it maxed on my cadence witchblade and it felt terrible. Swapped it out fro some more defenses. I’m only at fifty on my blademaster so yet to see if it feels really good there though. I assume you mean the passives for unknown soldier are the really important parts?

Yeah the passive are what it’s important, the whole tree is good for us. I still use the skill, but it isn’t particularly useful really only helps vs single targets where you can get 3 up quickly wailing on one target. The weaker you are the more they help though I guess

Yeah might as well use it for one point, you’re already there. At least it looks cool!:undecided: