Problems with the big Farm House!

Hi there,

in my Game (Farthest Frontier) my Town (536 Inhabitants) has 3 big Barns. Every Barn runs by 4 Farmers. But there is a serserious problem !
When click on “Butcher” nothing happens and the herd get’s bigger and bigger antill the get sick and stop produce milk. Also “divide the Herd” funktion is not working either.
So is it a bug or do i make something wrong ?


I’m having the same problem, cant slaughter the cows. The herd just gets bigger and sick.
Pleas help.

I had this happen to me yesterday. In my case, there was no space in the root cellars for meat. I quickly made a few more and upgraded others and the workers started chopping up the cows pronto.

Other times butchering has slowed down was because I didn’t have enough workers at the barn and they were off chasing lost cows all the time.

Thank’ a lot for your help :grinning:!

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