Proc mechanics for devotions and "Bone Harvest"

Sorry, things like this have probably been asked a million times, but I’m utterly confused with the actual proc mechanics of this skill with linked devotions and the “autoattack” procs like reaping strike. I hope someone can quickly help me out.

Suppose for the sake of simple numbers that I have

  • Bone Harvest, 3 sec cooldown, with Harvester of Death.
  • An attack rate of 3 per second

So far so good, that means that out of three attacks, one should be Bone Harvest, the other two default attacks.

Now suppose I have:

  • Wendigo’s Mark, 15% chance, linked to Bone Harvest
  • Reaping Strike, 15% chance, procs from default attacks
  • Will of Rattosh, 15% chance, linked to Reaping strike.


  1. does Wendigo’s mark only proc from the actual Bone Harvest attack, i.e. one attack in twenty, or can it also proc from the intermediate default attacks, i.e. really 15% of all attacks I do?

  2. does Will of Rattosh only have a chance to proc if Reaping Strike procs, i.e. 0.15 * 0.15 = 2% chance to be used on default attacks? This would mean linking something to Reaping Strike is pretty much useless. Or is the Will of Rattosh proc transfered “upwards”, so that it also has 15% chance to proc on every default attack?

Sorry for asking if this info can be found elsewhere, you may forward me to where it is explained, I could not find it.

  1. Wendigos Mark only procs if Bone Harvest - the Skill (on a 3 sec CD) hits an enemy, so when you use it directly, it can proc the assigned Skill, depends on number of hits, luck and so on. Normally if Wendigos Mark is not on Cd it will proc when you use Bone Harvest into a crowd of enemies. It always makes sense to bind a longer CD Devotion Proc (~20s) on a Skill with a short CD (2-5s) and Devotion Procs with a short CD (2-5s) should be on a spammable Skill, that way you minimize the downtime of the devotion procs.

  2. Same goes for Will of Ratosh, if you have it assigned to Reaping Strike, every time Reaping Strike triggers and hits an enemy, you have a chance that Will of Ratosh is procced.
    Its not useless because “default weapon attacks” are not only auto attacks or single target attacks, if you have a a default weapon attack (spammable) with AOE damage, every hit on an enemy has a chance to proc your reaping strike and as well your will of ratosh, same goes for dots (but they dont count as default weapon attack).

Yes for the first part

1)For devotions only the skill bound to the devotion will proc it, Only Boneharvest procs Mark

Reaping strike will only proc on default atk(Not on BoneHarvest) which in-turn can proc Rattosh

  1. Its not ideal

Thanks much, that clears it almost up. Just one thing which caught my eye:

“Normally if Wendigos Mark is not on Cd it will proc when you use Bone Harvest into a crowd of enemies”.

Does that mean that for an AoE skill, the “15% chance on attack” is actually evaluated for each enemy you attack individually, and not for the attack as a whole?

Yes the Proc Chance is for every hit when using AOE ablities.
So, you try to bind your “bread and butter” Devotions on an AOE or spammable ST if its on a short/no CD :wink:

Makes sense. Thanks all, now off to level my Necro ;).

Dont forget proc chance is more than it is written in tooltip if it is tied to a skill with cooldown.