PTH Threshold

The game guide says that the player can’t have crit multipliers tier higher than 6 (1.5x) but I see 1.67 and 1.7 in game too. How is that possible? I think it could be cos I have 57% crit damage in stats but what is the formula?

You can only get x1.5 from OA. +Crit Damage can give you more.

So I will see 2.35x maximum (1.5 * 1.57) right?

I think crit damage is additive with your crits depending on the threshold, but I could be wrong, it’s a fairly new mechanic that I haven’t really looked into.

I think that’s how it works too. Not certain.

Perhaps Nine will enlighten us.

I’m currently playing with a Stormcaller Pact Warder and the crit damage is being additive to my crit treshold. With 85% crit damage i reach max x2.16, but then again my max OA atm is 2200, so probably it can go higher.

+Crit Damage is an additive bonus off whatever your base crit multiplier is. The highest is 1.5x base, the minimum is 1.1x base. With +70% Crit Damage, you’d see 2.2x and 1.8x crits, respectively, when reaching such thresholds.