Purifier build advice

A friend an me started playing Grim Dawn together a month ago. He’s already played it before but I’m new to the game and we are currently going thru elite difficulty. I’ve opted to play a Purifier while he’s playing a Blademaster that is focused on being the tank of the two of us. I figured it might be a good idea to ask for some advice on the build I came up with since I’m new to the game.

Here’s the end of the url for grim tools calculator since I’m not allowed to post the whole thing as this is my first post =/


I’m sure this build isn’t optimized since I didn’t look to hard through the gear options and my points ended up being very tight. The goal with this build was to focus on CC and support but I’ve also kinda ended up the dps of the two of us as well. My main concerns are if I’ve spread a bit to thin as I wasn’t able to max out both of my class mastery bars and like I’ve said points were very tight.

Thank you for the help :smiley:


I’m not 100% certain what you’re trying to achieve with your build other than lots of damage.

Is it based on auto attacking? Or is it based on piano keyboard lots of spells?

Either way, some very brief updates to your build: (i’ve left it as a piano keyboard, otherwise I’d change a lot more).

  1. free up some skill points to take Deadly Aim in the inquisitor tree. think if I crit, I crit more! :slight_smile:

  2. Your health is very low. Even though you have a tank in mp, you will definitely get aggro at some stage. my mate was running around with the health you have, and was regularly dieing in the hard dungeons (capped resists, and maivens). Perhaps drop a purple or two, and get some yellow yellow of Vitality or Potency items to bring your health up. There are green versions to aim for, but simple Resistant of Vitality is good.

  3. think of dropping the spider in your devotions for the kraken and the hydra. One is for two handed weapons and has awesome stats, the other is for ranged weapons, and has awesome stats :slight_smile:

Not bad for a fairly new player for the build. There will be far more knowleagable players come to help you, that also have more time to redo your class :wink: listen to them :slight_smile:

I’m at work, so that is my super quick look over your toon. I guess my philosophy is always:

  1. you will get attacked so build balanced anyway.
  2. don’t over rely on purples, 2-4 slots for green items means the toon should be overall more balanced
  3. I forgot to check how much RR you have, but make sure you have a good amount. From memory you only had 1 source. You should try and pick up another couple to boost it!

Rather then using fire strike with the purfier wps with one of the best crossbow, u went for the spells and act like u are a caster. :rolleyes:

I suggest u to look arund in the compedium and decide what char do u want to make melee, caster.

Thanks for the advice so far. :slight_smile:

I went back into grim tools and messed around a bit trying to focus more on weapon attacks and getting more health.


Also I stopped being lazy and looked into greens :o

I still want to use Rune of Hagarrad since this gear set has so much synergy with it, lowers enemy defensive ability and freezes them, but I also looked into Horn of Gandarr which would be a lot nicer on my skill points.

Fire strike does look good but it costs so many points :cry: and with the weapon giving runic bolts I was just thinking of going with that. If it really is worth it I’d have to change a lot more to make it work but I can look into it.

Aura of conviction instead of censure when using runic bolts is…unwise in my opinion. You’ve overspent in some places, underspent in others. RoH is great and does a wonderful DA debuff so you can ignore flashbang unlike most demo builds.

You need some slow resistance from something somewhere. Even just 10% from mark of the traveler would be good.

Your devotions are a mess. Raven? Vulture? No RR constellations except ultos? Lots of changes to be made here.

Here’s a build with changed skills and devotions. Check it out :slight_smile:

Here’s another build with changed gear and attributes along with the skill and devotion changes. If you’re using GDStash, you can grab the greens there. Otherwise you’ll need to trade or fill the slots other ways.

This build loses 150 OA to make way for 350 DA and a lot more damage and attack speed. You really want to work the runic bolts and your high ranks in RoH will make crits possible even with the lowered OA. Health is lower as well, though you can possibly cover that with a change in devotions if you’re uncomfortable with 9k health. Your CC resists are altered, with freeze and petrify going down unfortunately, but slow and entrap going up. A weakness of this layout is the much lower physical resistance from switching auras; keep an eye out for physical powerhouses and burst them down asap.