Purifier chaos Flames of Ignaffar revisit

Since a few changes in the patch and GT is back up, I thought I’d revisit the FoI chaos idea with %WD conduit, Abomination, and Sash of Bloodlord. BWC + FoI + Black Flame set

Grimtools: Purifier chaos FoI/BWC with emphasis on %WD

It might be fun.
193 RR to chaos (if everything is applied).
58% WD to FoI of ~13K chaos WD(if abomination, medal, and hungering in effect, ~6K if no procs).
high FoI crit (~100) and decent OA for it
high physical resist

I’m not sure how energy would hold up, though. And needs some stun resist (maybe crafting and/or head component).


  1. The Void Soul set complete can be substituted and I think will work very similar with some resist juggling such as Voidsoul set + vampiris FoI for 90% WD to FoI and some impressive heath-leech.

  2. And probably the most interesting, but more fragile, is using a Solael’s Devourer 2H ranged for FoI:

Sol Dev FoI build

This gets 98% WD to FoI at ~10K-20Kchaos WD

That would be ~40K (18k chaos FoI + 20K WD) every pulse…with everything active. Some potentially large numbers.
chaos RR is around ~183 but player physical resist is quite a bit less. Energy could be annoying.

It also has the least amount of abilities to activate: Mines, Horn, WoP, Sol Flame, FoI, Seal, WoR, move rune.

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