Purifier - Smart way to assign Devotion Procs?

Hi all,

I’m currently running a purifier on Ulti and am lvl 86.
I am wondering if there is a good way to stack fire resist reduction with the Eldritch Fire devotion proc and Fissure, for that matter.

I thought of assigning Eldritch to Thermite Mine, so that it will stack when the mines activate. 15% chance is quite slim, so I spam the mines. My problem is I never know if EF actually activates.

My idea is to stack this resist reduction and use (Fire Strike + Meteor shower) + Fissure proc, also from the devotions. Ideally it would deal stupid amounts of Fire damage thanks to the RR.

Fissure is linked to Storm Spread, that only has 20% chance, ergo it hardly activates. What skill is recommended instead? I was thinking Flashbang, as that is frequently used.

Any Purifier gurus out there to improve my melting capabilities? :slight_smile:


try my purifier setuphttp://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=64584

This is for crucible. Elemental storm is on Fs to get RR on demand, eldritch on transmuted bwc is very good even at 1 point.

for vanilla you can switch fiend on FS or fissure and elemental storm on inquis seal.

Don’t bind to thermites, really bad way to proc

OK, so BWC to EF. Gotta invest then into this active skill then. The transmuter is awesome.
How much more effective is this binding compared to mines? It is a bit unclear how something procs from mines…
Plus maybe I’ll switch Bard’s Harp to Wayward Soul, as it was originally. Better to have an extra circuit breaker again.

Thanks Superfluff!

Incomparably more efficient. it increases the chance and has a consistent AoE that you can also predict

If EF has 15% on attack and is bound to BWC…then if BWC is cast and then I use my attack (LMB), it procs from the LMB attack, right? Kinda confused about this mechanic.

No, it only procs of damage from BWC.

No like junkie said. It will proc on enemies that are in BWC pool of fire and then it spreads out(eldritch fire spreads kinda like Bloody pox)

And EF will have like 27 or 34% to proc off BWC every second

Now it makes sense.
Thanks, y’all :slight_smile:
It’s time to BURN