Purifier theorie crafting

Hi i am new here, just thinking about a gout build for purifier.
@ the moment i play a ignaffars fire build and now i am looking for a good gunslinger build so wahta u think about that build…

looking for 4 items to test that build.

1 more … then i can poste the link

Try this.


what u think about that build ?

That build is blue potions junkie. He cant live without them, need one after every pack of trash.

with bombs and canister bombs ? i dont think so… fire strike dont need so much mana

Canister+Grenade+Words of renewal =300 mana . You have ~20 mana regen per second after auras.
Curenly purifier-grenadier is in same boat that Pyromancer grenadier - Permanent mana PITA =(

hm i looked i got like 40 reg may i can get ektoplasm on both rings that must be enough ?

Flame Strike Purifier was much easier than I imagined. Inquisitor is pretty overtuned since all the WPS are super strong and horn is broken (I unleveled horn. It felt as overbearingly strong as the description says. 100% confuse???)

my grim tools build -> /calc/pZrlGM62

Sharpshooter’s Pouch is really nice to have since we just right click things to death(I had more than a couple drop for me hopefully you get one quickly). The devotions are pretty optimized even with the whole having to take hammer thing. Dunno about endgame BIS yet, just that picking up sharpshooter’s pouch made this character stupid easy since between it and chilling round nothing can get close to me.

Leveling : craft ice ammo and gluttony relic ASAP(only want one ice ammo when dual wielding). Rifle demo early on like any other demo build then transition to dual wield in 30s or 40s (after blast shield and static strike are leveled) and get 10 points in ranged expertise and minimum 6 in first 2 WPS. Then word of renewal and back to demo to finish flame strike line then inquisitors 3rd WPS and finally aura of conviction. Make sure you’re not wasting points going EXACTLY 10 to ranged exp (4% attack speed for level 10??), 12 to deadly aim, 11 vindictive flame (this is very low priority compared to other ones), 10 blast shield and 12 aura of conviction although extra points to blast shield/aura isn’t that bad. Preferably dump those extra points into the WPS (especially the ice and lightning ones) and word of renewal skill line.

NOTE: storm spread gets 4 projectiles at level 7, but chilling round is best scaling WPS after storm spread gets level 7.

Keep flashbang/thermite/horn unleveled because we honestly don’t need the CC or resist reduction between all our procs. But if you feel that it’s needed, horn is the best cc skill in the game right now. I’m guessing right now that inquisitor with a secondary mastery with a strong survival passive (a la soldier’s massive heal) is pretty unkillable with horn.