I put a question out there off topic in another thread so I thought I make its own thread.

Where do you farm legendaries? I net maybe 2 a week 2hours a night, thats pathetic.

It seems that most I get are from game completion normal-ultimate and the one shot chest on Ultimate difficulty. The dude in the jail who can craft them randomly is too expensive for a random chance being useful so I only do that once per character build and cross my fingers.

Nemesis troves on ultimate sadly are a no go cause I can only kill the cold one. On elite they are a waste of time only ever got 2 purples from them (not to mention another rant of mine regarding blueprints that don’t drop)

Crucible- not a fan, I have managed to make it to wave 104 on easiest setting and got nothing for the time. I don’t enjoy it enough to bother with the harder difficulties to see if the time investment is worth it.

So again my question is where in the game world are people getting good drops? I know rng is rng but I must have terrible luck, I make toons just for the one shot chest chances at this point.

-If your drops have been poor then i think it’s just bad RNG.

-I clear the map on pretty much any difficulty and i can see legendaries dropping. I got a legendary in Veteran Royal Hive.

-I don’t know why you consider Elite nemesis a waste of time, they’re a decent source of legendaries as well.

-I personally recommend The Forsaken Wastes/Obsidian Throne rift and the Bastion of Chaos.

-Etram Fad’s price is pretty much justified imo. I sometimes stack up a shit-ton of materials and craft his random legendaries. It’s basically like gambling with Gheed/Elzix/Alkor/Anya from DII, only do it if you know what you are doing.

I tend to get mine from the Rogue-Likes and the Boss areas. But I’ve gotten some from basically everywhere.

Guess its just bad rng for me/ heres to hopping that changes for me. Nemesis never drop purples for mean and I’m guessing I have most of the blueprints save for at least two that I know of cause I need them so even blueprints from them are a thing of the past

Crucible is the best place to farm legendaries for me. What I do is:

  • Aspirant difficulty (the easiest one), with the extra spawn active.
  • Start on wave 100, activate a blessing on wave 110 and beat all waves (last wave is 150).
  • Use the checkpoint option to start at wave 130, remember to activate the extra spawn and beat all waves.
  • Activate the blessing again and play waves 130 to 150 two more times. After that there are no checkpoints for 130 available.
    For my witchblade, which is my only character that can beat the Crucible, it takes around 40 minutes to do all the steps above and I get around 8 legendaries. This means 12 legs/hour.
    I know Crucible can get boring, but just listen to some high-tempo songs while you are doing it. I recommend Unreal Tournament (99) songs.:slight_smile:

Outside of Crucible I don’t farm specific spots, but even white named mobs can drop legendaries sometimes.

About the blueprints: if the latest patches didn’t change it, Nemesis always drop blueprints, but if it’s a repeated one, the game will hide it. You can still pick it up by spamming the pick-up hotkey.

I’ll have to give that strategy a try on crucible. I tried challenger difficulty and made it to wave 30 no purples. But while playing my conjurer in elite in rotting wasteland I got Devilstongue to drop!! Look forward to try my dual pistols with it later. MAYBE I’ll finally be able to clear BoC on ultimate without being cheap shotted! (Hopeing the 20% life from attack damage helps me when swarmed, will be using exterminus with it. It replaces a purple gun that put a blue seal on ground doing elemental damage).

I only play my dual pistols to farm for two blueprints that I’ve about given up on. If purples drop I destroy them or use to tweak other characters of mine. My pet/bleeding pox conjurer is shaping up to out perform my dual pistol but only a level 64 now. Will have to see how it does in Ultimate.

From my experience, waves 1 to 100 on both Aspirant and Challenger difficulty are bad for farming legendaries. You will fight only 1 nemesis and not that many bosses, so your score and rewards will be bad.

On the other hand, waves 100 to 150 are full of nemesis and bosses, so the rewards are much better. That’s why I only farm from wave 100 onward.

Yeah, I’m no expert but you need to beat wave 150 to reliably get legendaries in Aspirant difficulty. I’ve gotten legendaries as early as wave 150 on Challenger before, but the higher, the better.

Do you mean wave 50? Because as early as the last wave…:smiley:

I dont have patience to do crucible. I getting boring very fast!

I dont play anymore because the drop rate is too low! So i dont have full time to do this.

This. Crucible is very boring for me too for the rewards. I’d rather stick with running past everything on elite and killing the nemesis and there terrible loot troves. About 2-4 mins per run to see if undead and atherial one spawns in undercity and gates of underworld kill remake over and over. Then there is crucible if you have tokens great if not starting at wave one to 100 is at least a 30-40 min waste of time 100-150 add even more time wasted. I’d get more purples from heros in the way while hunting nemesis. Only one other completely pointless monster is ole loggy. His troves are steaming piles of poo.