Q&A: Devotion interactions

Hey, does a Devotion proc on auto attacks if it’s not bound to a particular skill (ie, bound to nothing)? Still Learning mechanics little by little. Was wondering mainly cause I can’t directly bind devotions to auto attack (Though I can to Default Attack Replacers).

Also while I’m at it, can I have multiple skills attached to auto attacks by not assigning them to anything?

Only assigned celestial powers can be triggered. Also they do not get XP, if they are not assigned. If you do not have a default attack replacer, then assign them to WPSs like Zolhan’s Technique or Bursting Round.

There can be only one skill per celestial power and vice versa.

So I had the right idea in attaching Shepard’s Call to necrotic edge & eventually Mogdrogen’s Howl to reaping strike. Thanx, wanting to learn as much as I can. Got all of the basic stats down (Flat Damage, %Damage, all of that stuff), but everything else is still a mystery to unravel.

Just be aware that the proc chances get multiplied together when working out your actual chance to activate the devotion.

For example:
Mogdrogen’s Howl has a 20% chance to activate. If you bind it to reaping strike, which has a 25% proc chance, that makes the chance of activation 20% X 25% which is 5%.
You could always put one point into Ravenous earth (assuming you’re not using it currently), and then assign Mogdrogen’s Howl to it. Since it hits everyone in an AOE multiple times, it will trigger instantly.

Necrotic edge isn’t as bad since it hits up to 5 targets, and each would get a chance to proc the Shepard’s Call.

No, you cant.

However, if you link an offensive devotion proc (“on attack/critical”) to a damaging aura (for example, the one granted by Horns of Ekket’Zul), it will proc not just from that aura’s hits, but also from ALL hits that you perform.
It’s a bug, obviously, but it allows you to “bind multiple devotions to auto-attack”.