Q: Making a AoE build soldier/?

Trying to figure out what to take next as a soldier for AoE build, I’m trying to make something similar to a paladin or a templar knight in visuals. But other than soldier, what class would you recommend and what abilities are a must in there/what are their AoE? Sorry for the real nooby question, I’ve only got about 11 hours and I’m trying to find the right direction to go with my build. My saboteur is about lvl 22, but he’s so squishy so it’s becoming a struggle, so I’m trying to start over with my ideal build. Thanks guys!

Good news is all you need is the Devotion “Dire Bear” and use its “Maul” ability, It’s the ONLY AoE i use for my soldier melee build and it does the job…very well.

Use the skill with you main attack, level it up. Never stop using it, it’s amazing. My absolute favorite devotion.

Fast to get and you can easily max it while still on normal difficulty setting.

Yes there are soldier skills, but they are weak compared to “Maul”

Bull Rush doesn’t even compare to it.

Have you considered a Warder with Primal Strike and all of it’s synergies? It has great AoE and you can clear groups fairly fast on Vetern. The only issue, is that you’ll need to have damn good energy management, so I would also consider maxing out Mogdrogen’s Pact for the high energy regen.

Blade Arc would be the natural choice. I haven’t used it much, though. I thought about it for my current build but was concerned what single target damage would be like and also with energy usage. Blitz can be a great aoe skill, but not something you can spam.

But as Ward said, there are other ways to get aoe. I use cadence in my current build and aoe comes from devotion procs and shaman skills.