[QoL] Daytime in GD for Nerds

So, I don’t particularly enjoy going out during summer, partly because I want to play GD.

However, I have a specific issue with playing GD in summer. Dark graphics (particularly at night in-game) with a bright summer sun reflecting on the monitor.

So I was like; there’s a gamma bar for that, and then I realized it only works in full-screen mode :frowning:

Is there a possibility to turn off nighttime in game so I can actually see stuff happening? Or perhaps tune the gamma so it works in windowed mode? I use a dual screen setup (as I think most people nowadays do).

And for the record; I do have curtains, and a sunscreen, and still there is enough reflection to make GD invisible when its nighttime in game.

Well, if the devs could read your text maybe. Personally writing in blue on a black background is just as bad. Do wish people would realise that colouring text may look “cool”, but it makes it damn difficult to read.

Can’t you make a video profile(s) with gamma settings changed in your Nvidia/AMD settings?

Move your monitor so that it’s not getting the sunlight reflecting on it :wink:

Do they really, that’s amazing… Please don’t claim things just for the hell of it

That was the point… :slight_smile: Wasn’t intended to be cool.

Adjusting it for every day/night cycle is not very convenient.

Moving my monitor is not an option, my wife and i have a pretty large setup taking the complete room.

Yet, having the devs adjust their game to every known possible combination of people’s lighting and/or computer setup is? LOL!

Oh, man, I understand you so much! I used to play at night and sleep in the afternoon because of that problem.

And then I bought curtains.

I know that one well.

Okay it’s been a few years since I last ran a multi monitor setup, but I thought you could still run games full screen as they just run full screen on your main monitor??

I can run it full screen but that defeats the purpose of dual screen (windowed mode prevents me from having to wait 10sec every time I go to my other screen).

Anyway, I don’t mean to blow this out of proportion, it’s a minor QoL feature in a niche for me. I just found it odd there was no way to adjust gamma in windowed mode.