QoL Implementations/Ideas.

Hey, I’ve played Grim Dawn alittle over 350/h’s now i like it thus far.

On my journey i’ve thought of some implementations that would enhance the feeling and QoL aspects of the game.

And after reading alot of forum posts what ppl want and need i’ve come up with some ideas.

I know some of you will tell me to mod the game, but for me that’s not gonna happen. If a mod offers a better Gameplay than Vanilla, Somethings wrong in the design of the game.

  • Dropdown bottons for the Smithy See Pic. “Smithy”

  • Quest Tracker, See QTracker img.

  • Inventory Remake See Img.

  • SearchButton in Inventory and Stash, see img

  • “Hierloom Set” See img

  • Reputation Bar See Img.

Attachment: SearchButton.jpg
Attachment: Smithy.jpg
Attachment: Rep Bar.jpg
Attachment: QTracker.jpg
Attachment: Inventory Made sense.jpg
Attachment: Hierloom Set.jpg

Most of this stuff has already been suggested

Time and budget constraints and some engine limitations don’t permit such changes