QoL request: holding down pickup key to grab items

The pickup key function is quite useful since it seems to be faster than manually clicking items and you don’t need to aim, but it could be even better if holding down the key will repeatedly grab items until there are no more in range.
Alternatively what would also be great is if you could grab everything in range with a single key press, but I reckon that would be harder to implement.

Another slight QoL boost would be if holding the pickup button will move your char toward the cursor as if issuing a move command, that way you could use the pickup key to move toward items that are out of range and pick them up.
Having the above would function similarly to the attack targeting function, where you can hold down the LMB and attack one foe after another without needing to release the button.

Any of the above would be nice so the player spends less time picking things up and more on killing monsters.
Of course auto-pickup would be even better, but since that has been brought up so many times I assume it’s a choice by design to not have it.

I never thought of this option before, and now that you bring it up, I think I’ll just make a little script to repeatedly press the pickup key.

The idea of a key to repeatedly pick up items is easy to fix yourself until they put it in. Just get some sort of scripting program. I just set this up with my Logitech mouse. Even a macro can do this action, which many gaming peripherals come with these days. I just programmed it into my scripts and it works pretty simple.

Who needs a script when you can simply bind the pickup key to mousewheel up or down? Stand beside the loot and just scroll through the clicks of the wheel.

I personally don’t want to scroll up and down with the mouse wheel when I can just hold a button down. A macro is probably easiest for most people. I just use a script for everything, which is easier to transfer from one game to the next, but macros are easier for most.

This let’s me just copy and paste to a new game and adjust some settings.

-- llProject End -->
ll=ll or {}; ll.SETUP = { Folder = [[E:\Logitech Scripts\llProject\]] }
dofile(ll.SETUP.Folder .. [[llProject.lua]])
-- llProject End -->

-- ll.devMode = dm_TEST

AttackMode = 1
function _OnActivation()
	ll.mouse.map[0] = {
--		G2 = fn_StandStill,
--		G3 = fn_CycleAttackMode,
		G4 = "mb2",
		G5 = "2",			-- hotkey 2
		G6 = { fn_RepeatKey_OnHold, "numenter", 30, 100 },
--		G6 = "numenter",	-- Pickup
		G7 = "lshift", 	-- fn_HoldStance,
		G8 = "spacebar",	-- pause		

	ll.lhc.map[0] = {
		G26 = "up",
		G27 = "right",
		G28 = "down",
		G29 = "left",

		G1 = "y",						-- hotbar switch
		G2 = "1",	
		G3 = "2",				
		G4 = "3",	
		G5 = "4",	
		G6 = "5",	
		G7 = "r",						-- Health Potion

		G8 = "m",						-- Map
		G9 = "6",	
		G10 = "7",	
		G11 = "8",	
		G12 = "9",	
		G13 = "0",
		G14 = "e",					-- Energy Potion

		G15 = "i",					-- Inventory
		G16 = "j",					-- Factions Window
		G17 = "s",					-- Skills
--		G18 = "g",					-- game menu
		G19 = "q",					-- mission window

		G22 = "l"	,					-- Portal Stone

		G23 = "escape",
		G24 = "w",					-- switch weapons

	ll.kb.map[1] = {
		G1 = { fn_RepeatRightClick, 1 },
		G7 = { fn_RepeatRightClick, 3 },
		G6 = fn_LogMousePosition,
--		G12 = fn_Farm,