QQ on 2hander and component(s)

As the title suggest, I was wondering if two handed weapons can hold 2 components or not.

My apologies in advance, my first and current character is not a 2hander and I have plans (WiP) to make one but advance notice whether I will be less effective (w/ loss of extra component, if not avail) or not will greatly assist in its construction.


They can’t hold 2, only one. Furthermore, even 2-hander auguments are weaker than 2 x 1-hander auguments (compare Outcast’s bastion for example).

However, there are particular circumstances where 2-h weapons outperform 1-handers:

  1. Crazy devotions that scale off main-hand weapon damage (e.g. Falcon Scoop, Guardian Gaze, etc.)
  2. Skills that scale off main-weapon damage (e.g. Ring of Steel);
  3. Damage spectrum - legendary one-handers sometimes come with full weapon damage in your prefered type (i.e. pure chaos, pure acid, etc.). This is not always good as you will encounter mob types with huge resistances on ultimate that go beyond 100%. 2-handers come with 2-3 damage types and conversions which means they will perform all around better if you somehow find a way to debuff all damage channels.
  4. Kraken - easy leveling, easy life, crazy scaling due to +15% crit.

Another benefit is you have 1 less equipment to worry about :grin:


I had just recently came back after finding out (from a test) the exact answer given lol.

Seems at first like an over sight, but I don’t know the game’s development history enough to truly judge.

I feel silly to have asked, but then I didn’t have 2 weapon components to test with (tons of rings, armor, etc. though).

2Hers in general are a bit weaker on average than 2x 1 handers, but there are several things that keep them pretty compeditive overall.

  1. 2Hers tend to have insane modifiers to certain stats. For example, if I was to want to go a NB Shadow Strike Shotgun build, focusing on using 2Hers, 2Hers in general have more overall +levels than 2 1-handed weapons. 2 1-handed may have more focused +levels, but the 2Hander will have more +levels overall. Almost all legendary 2-handers have either +2 to a specific class, +1 to two different classes, as well as a smattering of other +specific Skills, or other similar modifiers, and many have unique passives that can be build defining, or are part of sets.

  2. Kraken. Kraken just is insane. Plain and simple. 20% AS, 80% physical damage, 5% MS, 15% crit, and like 80% All damage is just insane. 2 Hander builds are pretty much kept viable right now by Kraken.

The biggest lost you have in using a 2Her is losing one of your weapon slot components, which does hurt a lot, as some of them are insanely powerful and helpful (Mark of Dreeg, Haunted Steel, Oleron’s Blood, Shard of Beronath, and Imbued Silver/Purified Salts, and a few others), but it’s survivable.

Actually, this is how survivable they are (if you know what you are doing ofc) - I would say HC Ultimate survivable: