Quality of Life -Nice to Haves

Hey folks, I’ve been hoping the following changes will be implemented for a couple years now, to no avail. What have I done about it? Nothing, until now.

The following is a list of implementations to the main game that I’d love to see, but aren’t anything more than Quality of Life improvements, specifically to the type of gamer I am (Hoarder/Completionist)

Please keep in mind, I am also a purist (i.e. I refuse to use mods). I don’t condemn modders or think they take away from the game’s fun in any way shape or form. Anything that furthers the game fun and expanding of the community is wonderful in my book, I just personally choose not to use them.

  • A togglable option for materia components to be picked up the same way Health/Mana pots and Iron Bits are. It’s a pain clicking each one individually, but at the same time I understand some players don’t pick up any except for rare/specific ones and would hate to be forced to pick them up.
    Same goes for the other types of potions in game.
  • A togglable option for Scrap & Aether shards to be picked instantly as well. If you pick up 1, you might as well pick them all up as they stack so high that the inventory space is irrelevant past 1, however, if some players choose to never pick them up then fine, allow for there to be the option for it to remain as is.
  • Allow Healing/Mana potions to stack higher, or even, perhaps infinitely. Now hear me out. I have never run out of healing potions ever on any character. I don’t make builds that require to chug them constantly, so I always end up with a massive surplus that I now have stashed on a dedicated potion mule. Since there is a timer on how often you can use potions, I don’t see how this would negatively affect the integrity of the game itself or lower difficulty, it would simply alleviate hoarding/town portaling.
  • Allow players to put Iron Bits, Scrap & Aether Shards in their shared stash. It’s something we can do currently through trading it’s just a pain to do so, so it’s obviously not against the spirit of the game (nothing is really since modding is encouraged) so why not just change these items to be shareable.
  • This last one is a big one; way more stash space. Now this isn’t me being a petulant whiney child (I don’t think). There are 100’s of unique Epics and Legendary items (which is awesome). What I like to do is keep at least 1 of every Epic I find, vendoring the ones with the worst rolls and keeping the one that is as close to having perfect rolls as can be.
    There is absolutely no room for all these items, so I have created a mule for each type of item, to the point where I need to make a couple more to break down 1h melee weapons into their weapon types (mace, sword, axe) because I’ve run out of space.

    Now, the fact that we can create so many alts just for muling tells me Crate doesn’t care if we have tons of storage space whatsoever, so why limit it to multiple characters with tons of logging in and out and moving stuff through shared storage when you could simply create shared storage like the kind of storage they have on Path of Exile (I know, I hate comparing GD to other ARPG’s but this one is important to me).

    It would clean up the character screen immensely, and would simply be a quality of life change as from reading the forums, tons of us are hoarders. Much less time organizing mules or game save files and much more time cleansing Cairn of filth seems good to me without negatively impacting the game.

Now, I have no idea how hard some of this is to program/implement, but it seems to me like it wouldn’t be too difficult since most of what I am suggesting is already in the game in some form.

Regardless, this isn’t DO THIS OR I QUIT post, it’s just a QOL post that I’ll probably update from time to time when I get more ideas, or crosses fingers when things actually get added.

I’ll also add ideas that anyone replying might come up with that I really really like and just didn’t realize I needed until they posted it;)

Have you learned anything from this experience? :slight_smile:

Well, like I said, I never said anything about it until now, so it would be foolish to expect change without trying to impact it myself.

Someting, something, definition of insanity:D

How about, don’t wait expecting hope for change, ask for it? :wink:
After all, the devs can’t read your mind. That would be insane! LOL!

I like the ideas for crystals, shards, other potions, scrap, and components to be auto picked up. So i’m all for those. :smiley:

I Cannot remember the name of the thread but, I know at some point in the past Medierra said that they would not increase stash space. I know you dont want to use mods but you might have to use a mod/tool in this situation. :undecided:

I’m not sure if this is the same case in GD as it was in TQ but, I remember in TQ when you would mod the game to stack potions to a higher amount like 100 or so the game would get sketchy. Its been a few years sense i have played TQ so i forget exactly how it worked and affected things, so keep that in mind here. Anyways i’m assuming Crate left it at 100 so people can mod it to be a higher amount if they choose to but possibly at the risk of causing crashes or whatever like in TQ.

As for putting iron bits and scrap into the transfer stash i’m on the line with that. Normally it doesn’t effect me, however, sometimes i get really crap rng with those first 5 scraps, and the 3 slith necklaces and its kind of annoying to start like 5 new sessions just to get those quests done.



I said that very thing in the start of my post…

Yeah, I guess I’ll just settle for having 20-30 mules:D

This last one is a big one; way more stash space.

Really…I don’t understand why not do this. Is there any player who think “No please don’t add stash i don’t have enough item!”?
Make it paying if you want, but don’t forget you make the game for us. It was same for blizard with Diablo 3, they keep it for some month and now player can have more. Path of exile you can buy as much as you want, and i think GGG earned more money with it that they could earn selling the game.

You have improved many thing for quality of life but wake up, player are (all?)waiting for stash!

Pleeaaaaassseeeeeeeeeee Crate I never asked you for anything… pretty please :o

some of mine are the same as yours, but whatevs:

  • a bag strictly for components

  • more stash space. 2 more tabs at least

  • being able to transfer rare mats and iron. there’s no reason not to

  • more buffs/debuffs displayed

  • being able to see the current total resistance a player has, not just the cap

  • prettier and more clear stats panels, mostly the 2nd and 3rd one

  • no more message of reputation gain when you’re already revered

  • new combat text

  • option to rest to reset dungeons in a town, instead of logging out all the time

How did nobody link my mod yet ?

What is this ?
- No Item Drop Restrictions
(Allows you to drop Soulbound, Untradeable Items)
- No Transferstash Restrictions
(Soulbound, Untradeable, Quest Items all possible to be placed into the transfer stash.)
- No “Skill on Cooldown” Dialog, No “Insufficient Energy” Dialog, No “I cant do that” Dialog, No “Its locked” Dialog
(Simply deactivates the sound player for those sounds, the text in the center of the screen is still shown.)
- 5000 Maximum Item Stack Size
(Forces the maximum stack size of every stackable item to be 5000. Potions included.)
b Retaliation Fix[/b]
(Makes ranged projectiles be affected by retaliation damage, check here for more)

Check it here. http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=39746