Quality of Life suggestion

All of the games I like to play, I love seeing my characters stats.

Lets take Everquest for example. I currently use SARS UI option, which gives me a little window that has all my characters stats available to view without having to bring up my characters paperdoll. (I-button for all you young people) This blocks the screen while playing…:stuck_out_tongue:

Any chance you might be able to make a little UI window that people can select ON/OFF that will show Max HP/MP, Phy/Cun/Spr, OA/DA/DPS/AR, and resists?

Currently the only way to watch buffs stacking and seeing the actual numbers is to try timing all your buffs pressing I quick and hoping you catch it at the right time. OK to try in town, but do this in HC while fighting…asking for a death.

While this seems very simple in my mind, I am sure it will be work. Just one of those little QoL’s that would be so nice.

The other suggestion. Any chance we could get a 10 sec log recap of our deaths? I got one shot a few weeks ago. I have no idea what hit me, or how to protect against it. Lvl 75 - 9k life…and my entire bar disappeared sub 1 sec. Yes, I play HC. I know death is apart of the game, but I also like to learn from my mistakes, and I would love to have seen that recap on what mechanic I died from.

Thank you guys for making such a great game. I can’t wait for the expansion.