Quality of Life


after over 1000 hours of playtime in Cairn i want to give my final result of playing Grim Dawn (and Titan Quest, both over 3000 hours:rolleyes:) and give some suggestions which should be worked on in the future (maybe I will get a job from Crate)

This thread is about Quality of Life, sometimes they are easy to create but have a really good effect on Grim Dawn, and yes, i know what iam talking about^^

I will begin with some easy coding ones

  • Riftgate icons on the world map which show some symbols of a city or faction vendors e.g. instead of the normal riftgate symbol of Homestead or Rovers there should be a orange or something else easy to see symbol that say me , alright here is homestead or vendors and so on! The map is really big and with the Addon i think it grows again :smiley: give me some help…
  • Next one is Homesteads Riftgate -.- why the hell is it outside of Homestead, i know the quest to kill this guy out of Homestead but why is this gate not near the fountain in Homestead! for those who know the old builds of GD, i think this riftgate is outside because of John Bourbon, he stands infront of the door to Homestead^^ guys replace it!
  • Riftgate fights. At the beginnig in Devils Crossing there are two really cool spawning fights for the 2nd and 6st Riftgate and in Fort Ikon too, i really enjoy it because the idea behind that to fight and activate them is awesome. Maybe we could see some more of them in the future.
  • Different colors for “rare items”, guys we have a item inflation… I was really lucky last time i picked a yellow ring ! This one had 9 attributes on it! please give them a darker yellow or if it is a green one give´em darker green like components.
  • Replace some devotion shrines in Elite and Ultimate to new places in Cairn!
    E.g. bring one in the flooded cellar or in the cavern (foggy banks) i really enjoy to explore the world.
  • Maybe a option to do pins on the map for things beside the main story. I mean that i wont forget to go to the smugglers basin or so on or recognize some stuff to go back and blow some ways with dynamite.
  • A icon like the Devotions on the world map for one shot chests ! maybe such a quest description too, which one have i collected…
  • The option after getting to homestead to craft dynamite in devils crossing or some npcs who can destroy items like in devils crossing.

Now some “time consuming” ones

  • Transmoging ! GD have such a variety of awesome loot ! Bring it to the game . The mod which exist is awesome but i want a official one from you crate! (the idea to activate the transmogs of the mod are really cool and enjoyable, maybe if i destroy some gear i will get the recipt of it too the first time I dismantle it.)
  • I know this one here is the biggest and really expensive one but maybe after the Add On you can realize it !
  • A Server for the multiplayer experience.
    I mean , its time to grow up and stand out from the crowd, generate some extra customers and popularity all over the world.
    It would be awesome to see a cheating free server for all Grim Dawn fans.
    You could generate some money for it with Kickstarters again :wink: iam the first one who pledge for it!

From now on i will update this thread and be active ! I have alot of stuff in my head but i dont have alot of time today (1.02.2017)

Honestly I can think of one reason only that I (personally) would have any use for pinning/notes on the map.

Chthonic rifts. Mostly only for the entry level in them on initial exploration and the Mogdrogen shrine quests that send you back to them to retrieve the items but it would also be handy if you were doing a little farming there as well.

That way when I locate the rift out, pin it quick, finish clearing the map and run back easy. It isn’t too hard to open the map and burn the location into my brain but it would be nicer to pin the spot and go.

Other than that I’m sure first-timers would find a bit more use for the feature but long-time GD players would overall only ever need it I think for what I outlined above. Pinning the multitude of hidden treasure locations wouldn’t be all that bad either. I got them mostly all memorized by now but I do occasionally still find one here and there that I didn’t know about (or even sometimes forgot about).

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E.g. If i want to Speed run then pins would be a cool Option to remind me what i have left behind, thats why quality of life. All those little things fill up the whole Game to something outstanding ! Grim Dawn is the best arpg in my eyes but it could Be more awesome :wink: and one shot chests are a Part of the Game like devotions, i want those icons on the map ^^

To be honest, I think that a feature even hardcore players would appreciate is a better crafting interface. Add the possibility of crafting something from the basic material instead of having to do all the intermediate steps item/ccomponents. It’s so annoying. A quicksearch bar in the crafting window would also be nice, given how much stuff we have (which will most likely continue to increase in number).

I’d say that i’m with Powbam on this one. Most of those QoL changes would really only be beneficial to new players (not a bad thing though) , meanwhile they would probably just be useless for people who have been playing awhile.

The Homestead rift; i think Homestead is to full as is, putting the rift in town would take up a lot of space imo. :undecided:

As someone who is color blind, I cant agree with more colors, especially different shades of the same color because it will not make any difference for me. I can barley tell the difference between blues and purples as is, or the difference between non completed and completed components colors. :wink: :rolleyes: :wink:

Totally down for transmogrifying stuff though. :slight_smile:

And, If you want to speed run, then you are not going to want to waste time going back to get things, unless your doing like a %100 GD run, and even then you would probably waste time going back to get stuff rather than finding the fastest route and getting it first time through. All the speed runners i see basically run, grab only essential and easy shrines, kill boss, and repeat until log is dead, which is about 1hr and 20 minutes.

EDIT: I’d be down for a crafting quick search bar too

you can put the riftgate to the destroyed faction house near the foundation.For some math … if i played 1000 hours grim dawn and i was only 500 times in homestead, the walk way takes 6-8 secs to the nearest vendor. that means 500x8 sec = 4000secs /60 = 66,667 minutes only for stupid walking… its to much, easy

if you teleport to Homestead to sell and complain about the distance to vendors, why not portal to Devils Crossing instead :wink:

I am pretty sure you are not in Homestead 500 times in 1000 hours, I am nowhere near that ratio


Does anyone else think that Anasteria wasn’t enough to take on Homestead? (According to Valbury lore she was stationed there)

Here is a QoL feature that I’d like the most:

A short-cut key/HUD icon for quick access to the Devotion window.

i mean i go to the faction vendors as well :wink: also to the black legion blacksmith before i arrived the fort ikon riftgate, and yes its better if the riftgate is in homestead, no discussion on that :smiley: you have only profits on it no loses = win win situation

update: The option, after getting to homestead to craft dynamite in devils crossing or some npcs who can destroy items like in devils crossing.

you are right :wink:

My number one QoL improvement would be some visual cue to let the player know a skill has come off from cooldown. I just hate to smash the button until the skill activates and I’d rather keep my eyes on the action than peep at the UI all the time. A simple flash on the skill icon would do.

The only reason why I play only with builds that have low amount of manually activated skills.