Quest Direction Markers

Hey, I understand the Fog of War as it helps to show where I have been,
as well as hold surprises in the Dark.

However with the Fog of War I do not see any of the Quest Stars Showing
(Unless I am Standing on Top of the Location) which is no help until you are
one step from the location. Which is no help at all.

I would like to see Quest Direction Markers on the Compass in order to show the
general direction to my Quest point.
Being able to see the Quest Stars through the Fog of War on the Map Overview.

Just give me a Direction, so I don’t spend my time going in circles, and chaseing my Tail.
Which is no fun at all.

I thought so too in the beginning. But when you read just the last paragraph of the quest in the quest log, it usually says pretty specific in which area you have to go…and you see the marker usually even in a bit distant fog of war.

If you just explore the world (it is after all pretty straight forward), you usually can’t miss it. Or do you refer to a specific quest?

Once you go through the main plot a couple of times, you’ll learn where stuff is anyway.

A thousand yeses. Some folks prefer to read and remember the story. For me the story part of GD isn’t really that important. And then there is real life also, I better remember that. Show me the marker !

Really, Gee ?
I do not want to have to go through the main plot 2 or more times,
this is not in any way a understanding or solution to what i have posted.

I am running a Nvidia GTX 750TI card at 1920x1080 Full Screen with no boarders.
Yet when I am in the Area pointed to, Even zoomed out max, There are no STAR markers to be seen, I have to be literally on top of the location for the Star to be shown.

If the Star was shown anywhere on the map from the Rift Gate Location,
then it would be a help, But it is not.

(Wahhh, Wahhh, Whine, Baby Want :cry:)

What about those players who prefer to find everything on their own without being held by hand , who likes to explore the game world? I don’t think that solution would make them happy.

I use the same resolution and I definitely do not have to ‘literally’ be on top of the location for the marker to show up, just somewhat close.

From the Kickstarter “Grim Dawn won’t hold your hand to ensure you never make a bad decision and it won’t feature a story on rails with linear level design to prevent you from ever getting lost”. This is exactly what the quest markers currently do, they do not lead you to the location from all over the map, but they make it very easy to find the actual location once you are in the general area.

Make it a configurable option.