Quest Log Hatred

I’ve been trying REALLY hard to enjoy this game. I played through the campaign once already and every time after, I stall because I am tired of trying to find everything.

Maybe this is just some pandering to casual but this game doesn’t really give many hints as to where things are located. A lot of zones are missing on the map and there aren’t any suggestions where things are relative to places you CAN find.

In other ARPGs (Tl2/D3/ even POE) the quest log lets you know immediately where you need to be and where you need to go. It’s just frustrating because I love the class system but I am spending more time looking at quest text or the map to make sure I don’t miss a side quest or something.

Is there any mod to help with this? If not, am I the only one who has a problem with this?

I doubt you are the only one who it bothers, but it has no effect on me. I actually enjoyed it when I first started playing the game, and it didn’t even have the star show up on map when you were close back then. Now I can find everything in the game with my eyes closed.

Not sure about a mod tho…

Unless we’re talking purposely vague quests (eg. Hidden Path, bounty quests, the rogue dungeons) the quest log already tells you pretty much everything you need to know. The descriptions may seem vague, but after a while you realize that the game map is actually pretty straightforward. None of the sprawling randomly generated mazes of Diablo here, if the quest description tells you to look for something in a village then it will be in that village somewhere. That village will always show up the same on the minimap and the layout of that village is never going to change.
I’d argue that the vagueness actually helps enforce just how precarious the situation of the remaining humans are in the game.

The only thing that’s really missing is an obnoxious glowing star trail to really force the player to acknowledge just how linear the main questline actually is (main questline summary: keep moving forward).

As for the sidequests, I suppose it’s annoying only being told something like “x has been seen around y, please kill x” considering how large certain areas are. For these quests I usually end up just consulting the wiki, beats hours of frustration.

You don’t like having to explore and search around in an RPG? I find that odd. But either way, all primary/essential quests give you all of the information you need + minimap markers (when close by) to find where you need to go.

And I think most people love the unmarked areas of the map because you know there is probably some good lootin’ around the corner.

You should probably take some time visiting the Utilities and Resources section. Otherwise take a look at some of the maphacks provided by community members.