[Quest] Paying Debts help


I would like to ask how starting the final quest from Riggs works or if I am doing something wrong.

My game version is (in the lower right corner). Updated from GOG patches so I assume the patches also update all the expansions. Mentioning this just in case.

I am on Normal and I received both of his quests. 2x100 EXP and two items. At this point Riggs says he will come and collect the debt at some point.
However, I cannot seem to make him start the quest. I found the Star Wars like desert monster and read the note. Unfortunately I cannot enter it or enter the other locations at all. There is not even any map hint they are there. I assume they unlock when I get the quest?
For instance, it looks the hidden path to Forlorn Bastion is not there.

Lastly, I did complete FG and killed you know who in his tomb.

Thanks for any help.

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Are you L50 or higher? I think that’s needed to trigger the quest as well as defeating the final boss in FG.

Thank you, medea!

Yes, I am LV 77. And I did kill the last boss. My only open quests on Normal are the ones related to the Shattered Realm.

Do you not love when problems fix themselves by mentioning them?
I finished FG some days ago and figured Riggs needs time but grew suspicious and asked about it.

I double checked my assumptions about patches and it seems like that is not the case that they update everything. So I suspect it is a GOG problem. I downloaded FG and AoM just in case and installed them again instead of just the patch file. Which seems to only patch the base game. I do not know how that is possible.

I think I was playing base game with outdated expansions based on some version when I installed them for the first time. Since then I was only using patch files from GOG.

Unless Riggs just simply decided to actually follow up on his debt collecting but I doubt there is some time limit for real.

I have the quest now properly started and all :smiley:

It is not an issue with the game it seems.


Yes, there have been some reports of the GOG patches not updating properly and Crate have been in touch with them about it, but whether they’ve solved it/listened … :woman_shrugging:

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