Quest to introduce new players to Merit Tokens ingame?

You know, the Merit Tokens that allow you to skip difficulties once you have unlocked them with atleast one of your characters…

It is advertised as part of the Forgotten Gods expansion, but there is no information on how to get them or where, in the game. Sure one could just look it up on the internet or ask in the forums and such, but perhaps we could use a small quest to introduce new players to it?

Thoughts and opinions?

Also poll time if you just want to click once instead of many times to type out an answer :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Yes, a Quest or something would be nice.
  • No, it is not needed.

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I only ever used one of those merit tokens once on one of my new characters. What I did not enjoy was that ALL of the waypoints were visible and available. This sort of made the new campaign progression difficult for me as you really had to look at what your current quests were, because you could actually accidently jump to any location beyond your story line and actually lose your campaign focus.

That aside though, YES, I agree that a small quest would be nice to highlight that this item can be purchased and used to elevate new characters above the base of normal.

I personally would have liked liked an option that would skip the difficulties, as is, BUT LEAVE THE FOG OF WAR LIKE WHEN YOU START A NEW CHARACTER, otherwise this token is of no use to me. Once used - never again.

Other players may find the workings of the token exactly what they are looking for and that is also fine as GD caters for a multitude of play styles.

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It only does that for the lower difficulties so really the problem is skipping up to Ultimate and then dropping back into Normal or Elite to do stuff. If you skip up to Ultimate and play that none of the waypoints are unlocked until you find them yourself. Same if you skip up to Elite, only the Normal ones are unlocked.

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Probably not a bad idea. Will see if we can squeeze that in some time.


Thanks for that. That is exactly what I did! I used the token to unlock ultimate and started in elte. That now makes sense, as I should have actually unlocked ELITE for my campaign. It also explains my confusion of why you would want to unlock ELITE only as opposed to ULTIMATE. New character in progress to check this out :slight_smile:

Hooray! Ty, ty :blush:

You need to buy the other token in FG Elite - that just allows the skip from Normal to Elite. For the Ultimate one you have to buy it on Ultimate difficulty.

I would really like if it could also be used on a character that has the difficulty unlocked, but not done all quests (as in, missing Path, Forgotten Gods or similar), so that you can use it to completely skip them.For example, you have an old char that has only done the questlines until Fort Ikon, and is thus missing some quests from the expansions… Currently you need to do all these quests manually, while a new Character can simply use a Token to get them ‘done’.

Not the way it works. If you skip you only get quest rewards from those quests which give skill/attribute points. No other quests on a lower difficulty are done for your character. They still have to do those as normal.

I was hoping for signposts pointing to the merchant from starting onward, and emissary giving me a hint.

Never mind me, I forgot that the other quests only give the Skill point and similar in Ultimate. Though I do would like to gain riftgates for these chars, it is not as imperative.

+1. I had to do a forum search to get the tokens.

I usually start FG content late game and I don’t really have a reason to check the merchant for gear.