Question about 2 soldier skills

The 2 skills are squad tactics (ST) and fighting spirit (FS).

Which is better:

  • put as much points into ST as available while placing around 7 into FS?
  • putting evenly, if possible
  • preferring FS while still having a decent amount of points into ST

In my blademaster, i currently have 15 into ST and 9 into FS. While the added attack speed + dmg is good, i have energy issues more often because not only it requires more reserved energy, the slightly higher attack speed also makes the energy drain faster.

I’m thinking of reversing the two. Unlike ST, FS has 16s cooldown period but (using mythical untouchable, that goes down to 14.9). Sure, there will almost 7 full seconds where it’s on cooldown but the up side is that, while it’s active, the dmg and OA increase allot and i think that’s enough to offset the time it’s off due to the cooldown + quite a bit more.


I prefer squad tactics because %attack speed and %total damage are permanent.

If you are having energy problems try using:

Focusing Prism
Arcane Spark

Same as Mauricius - I’d go Squad Tactics between the two for the % attack speed, especially on 2-handed characters.

The only times I’ve considered investing more than 1 point into Fighting Spirit were for setups where I wanted as much OA as possible for things like Upheaval spam.

FS is the retarded cousin of Deadly aim. I’d only pump this skill in campaign for some good boss kills times

Depends on who / what i’m up against + i don’t use potions @ all (other then health / energy). My dmg isn’t that high yet + i only have 1251% pierce (according to grimtools), which is pathetic … RNG …

If i’m facing Lokarr, i have to dodge him a bit often due to energy potion being on cooldown but it’s mostly currently enough, though i do have to use energy potions.

The reason i’m considering FS @ all is because, @ higher lvls, the all dmg is tremendous and so is the OA. So much so that i think it offsets the time when it’s on cooldown, and then some.

For example, when both ST and FS have 7 points:

  • increasing ST to 12 gives us +35% all dmg, +5 AS / CS @ the cost of +12 energy reserved (VS 7 points)

  • increasing FS to 12 gives us +12% chance to activate, +75% all dmg and +91 OA (VS 7 points)

Does +75% all dmg + 91 OA for only 8 seconds offset +35% dmg +5 AS / CS @ 50 energy reserved for 15 seconds?

increasing FS to 12 gives us +12% chance to activate

Does +75% all dmg + 91 OA for only 8 seconds offset +35% dmg +5 AS / CS @ 50 energy reserved for 15 seconds?
As a non expert, I’d prefer the constant buff than waste 11 points to gain the extra % chance as even with the extra points it’s still only 12% chance to activate

It’s actually 40% chance to activate: the 12% comes from the difference of 12 points VS 7 points in the skill.

@ lvl 12, the stats on both skills are:

  • ST - +85% all dmg, +14 AS / CS @ 50 energy reserved
  • FS - 40% chance to activate, +200% all dmg, +235 OA for 8 seconds duration. Cooldown would be 16 seconds if not for the shield i’m using: with it, it’s 14.9 seconds

Fair point :wink:

If I were you, I’d max FS if I have enough points or if I lack OA. I personally really like this skill and always try to have both Fighting Spirit and Squad Tactics maxed but not overcapped. I remove points from Squad Tactics if my attack speed or casting speed is over 200%.

Perfect description for Fighting Spirit. I did some research and used to have crit damage and the OA was % and not flat. So, pretty much the current Deadly Aim.

Squad Tactics is quite useless above 1 point, too weak bonuses per point.
Same for Fighting Spirit - too long CD, actually.