Question about ABB and WPS

Hi everyone,
simple question: Does ABB (Amarasta Blade Burst) procs WPS (like Belgothian Shears, Execution etc.)?

I am currently leveling an Infiltrator and I am wondering if its better to max out ABB (so far around lvl 50 ít seems rly strong), or just put 1 pt into it and only use it to proc Lethal Assault and use Beronaths Fury as main attack (which I am sure procs WPS?)

thanks in advance

Hi & welcome,

ABB is not a default weapon attack replacer & therefore will not proc WPS skills.
However, since it is a cooldown skill, the default attacks during cooldown will proc WPS skills.

You can level using ABB with LA as I have done, or you can use Beronaths Fury as your default attack (which does proc WPS skills) with the LA buff.

Hope this helps.

Nope. Your wps will only proc during the cooldown of ABB because you are doing basic attacks during said cooldown.

It doesn’t no. If you’re doing a dual-wield melee character, you’ll only want to use it for the Lethal Assault buff as Blade Burst in this scenario only hits with the off-hand.

If you want to build around a strong cooldown-based skill for a DW Nightblade attacker, you’re better off going for Shadow Strike here.

Ok, Ill just use Beronaths fury then and ABB just for the LA proc.
Its just for the leveling, at lvl 94 I am gonna transition to full Belgothian pierce build.

Btw is it worth to max out RoS? I mean will this speed up leveling significantly, since with Beronaths Fury I wont have much AoE?

thanks everyone

I went from 1-94 in Lokarr’s armor with night chill, shadow strike, and RoS. Also, word of pain is a great leveling tool if you max it early.

I tried WoP, twas fantastic until lvl 30 orso, but the scaling of that skill is horrible. This is what I am currently leveling with (planning to max out RoS and Nightfall?, get Leviathan and Elemental balance rings once I hit 72. So far its pretty good, but it would be cool if I could get some more physical-cold conversion:( Is this similar to what you were leveling with?