Question about an area in Broken Hills

So while playing, I still find myself wondering if it was a fever dream or not when I look at the area right above the Broken Hills portal. I coulda sworn ages ago we used to get in there, and everything points to and matches up with going through the tower there but it’s blocked off… Anyone happen to remember why it was taken out if so? Or am I crazy?

Wasn’t any mind blowing place, but now that I can’t get there it’s kinda nostalgic. Or I’m crazy. Either or. Screenshot’s from a ledge overlooking it but the entrance would be the tower to the right there on the map.

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No, you’re not crazy, there did use to be an area over there you could reach from over in the Old Arkovia or Twin Falls area iirc. Not many people knew about it as far as I know, but it was removed when Crate redesigned those areas so you couldn’t bypass Cronley any more. But who knows, we might soon be going back there.

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Not quite the area I’m speaking of, but south of that. The area I’m referencing is this one directly above me in the following screenshot. I seem to remember it being a hold over in the alpha/beta days. Nothing of real note there, just wondering if I’m the only one that remembers it. Didn’t think it actually led anywhere seeing as a river cut it off (still does), just a little arena with some skeletons and perhaps an old WIP hero unit.

Once upon a time you pass could through that area. Act II used to be all interconnected. That hasn’t been the case for a long time though. I still miss the old design a lot.

Now that I look at it I miss it too. Just this week I found myself drawn to the tower wishing I could pass between broken hills and twin falls. The arkovian undercity part doesn’t feel like a necessary passage and maybe it would be better as a side dungeon.

These are the passages that I remember. Basically you could walk from Devil’s Crossing to Smuggler’s Pass without ever going underground. I used to have copies of the old maps but why hang on to them after all, when they’re so out of date.

My intention was to learn how to mod the game to rebuild the roads and eventually add more passageways and bridges in other places. Lately with the talk of bridge-building from the devs made me hopeful at least some of this might come to pass.

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So I’m not crazy. Alas, I remember only a little bit of that pathway, mostly the entrance, but it’s good to know I’m not just going crazy as my friends say. Awesome. Thanks for the visual representation as that somewhat rings a few bells with those connections. And yeah, I get that feeling. Sometimes I wish I still had hung onto some stuff but that’s how it goes sometimes.

I can’t recall how many times I went on a rant when we walked past that little entryway thinking I coulda sworn something was there before.

Medea, seems I owe you an apology. I thought you were pointing to a different area.

No apology needed Inogine. I’m not that clear on exactly where it was or how you could get to it. I only remember going through it a couple of times because iirc there wasn’t really much to go in there for: no quests, etc.

Interesting to see that old map Flix. :slightly_smiling_face:

Here’s a little more about the upcoming Twin Falls bridge change from the 7th February dev stream:

"gothboyyyyyyy: what will happen to twin falls?

Now I was expecting that question to come up. The answer is … you’ll be able to go through that bridge. We’re going to open that area up, we’ve actually been working on some new little bit of content over there for you to explore. There’ll be some mobs to fight there, some something to collect and it will offer you a shortcut from the riftgate straight to Tyrant’s Hold. Not as popular a destination as it used to be, obviously from vanilla, but still it’s really cool that if you progress through Tyrant’s Hold down south to Twin Falls, from that direction you’ll be able to repair the bridge and proceed to the riftgate. It will not change the progression that you have currently in terms of how you get to Homestead for new characters; they will still progress exactly as we intended through Smuggler’s Pass, through the Mountain Deeps to Homestead. But for characters that have all the riftgates or have already cleared that area they can just go through Tyrant’s Hold, down south, repair that bridge and you have another way through. It opens up the world a little more and in a place that people have been looking forward to seeing for a long time."

I found a chunk of a REALLY old map on the Wiki, just throwing it up here for posterity.
I’d forgotten there was a whole plateau between Four Hills and Twin Falls, connected by a bridge from the Cronley Hideout hill area.
Ignore the red circles, they are pointing a hero spawn area.

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