Question about block recovery time

is there a way to have 100% block recovery time without overguard ?

Ignoring any skills you would have to manually activate (e.g. Overguard, Absolution), a cursory look finds me these sources:

  • Shield Training in Soldier can go up to -24% Shield Recovery Time when overcapped at 20/10.
  • The Shieldmaiden constellation has -25% Shield Recovery Time on the upper right node.
  • of Barricades Shield suffix offers -12 to -18% Shield Recovery Time.
  • Mark of the Myrmidon offers -15% Shield Recovery Time.

In total, you can get approx. 80% at all times. I can’t remember if there is any way to gather more passively and cannot find any means to do so.

well thanks for replying , as for my means to do so is right now i have 100% block chance in a physical warlord