Question about blocking mechanic

Let’s say my shield can block 2000 damage. If I block an attack with 2000 physical and 2000 chaos, what will be happen?
a. 1000 physical and 1000 chaos blocked?
b. 2000 physical blocked?
c. 2000 chaos blocked ?

Also, does shield also block % life reduction attack?

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Shield blocks every kind of damage, except ground pools.
So 1) for sure. And I guess even Life Reduction.

Thank you, but my first question is about blocking enemy attacks with 2 or more damage type. Here is the example:

This attack have 4 other damage type excluding bleeding. My question is which damage type get blocked first?

I don’t think shield block life reduction. I think life reduction is blocked by LR resist.

To answer your question, I don’t know. I was under the impression that shields block only physical damage, but I don’t do shield builds often.

EDIT: Ignore everything I said - I just checked GD wiki and am very clearly wrong.

Here’s a thread on shield mechanics

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