Question About Blood of Dreeg

Let’s say, if it is bounded to Healing Rain.

When active the Blood of Dreeg, it gives pets the buff.

I wonder whether the hound or raven can trigger that?

Same question to Mogdrogen’s pack

Healing rain and mogdrogen’s pack are both proc on attack skills (iirc) and, as such, have to be bound to attack skills or spells. They will have their chance to proc when you use the skill attached

Healing rain is a 25% on hit proc. Howl of Modrogen (I think you mean that one?) is on attack like you said.

Yeah sorry I was not in front of my computer. Healing rain is bound to a passive and howl of mogdrogen is bound to an attack.

On hit devotions only apply to your own character no matter what you bound them to.

Mogdrogen’s Pack is a shamman skill, which is an aura

Thx, I am thinking making my pet more tanky by giving them on hit heals through aura or something similar. well, since it doesn’t work that way, I will skip all on hit devotions.

Yea, on-hit devotions are pretty terrible for a summoner most of the time. Best way to get tankier pets is to just max blood of dreeg and spam that for 28% heal to your pets every 15 seconds (and maybe Heart of the Wild. Bindings of Bysmiel’s is probably overdoing it.)