Question about blueprint drop

I ‘reset’ my GD save state recently and have been running SR since hitting lvl 100 to accumulate wealth. I’m particularly searching for the Beastcaller’s Cowl blueprint, but it just isn’t dropping and the rate at which blueprints are dropping has fallen off the table. Yes, I know things are random.

I did mule in a Cowl I had stashed in GDIA for the time being…and I was wondering if somehow that would ‘corrupt’ the drop chance of the blueprint. I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t, but I’d hate to be farming while the game already thinks I have it. I know, longshot, but I thought I’d ask.

Otherwise, I saw that the blueprint could also ‘sometimes’ be sold by Vinelton in Feral Thicket. I’ve blown around 30 skeleton keys just running to that vendor and purchasing all the blueprints I didn’t have. It’s gotten to the point where the vendor doesn’t seem to be offering anything new. Could just be bad luck, I know.

Should I just keep running SR, assuming the cowl I’m wearing isn’t affecting anything, and wait for the blueprint to drop (chance of Bysmiel’s jewelry also dropping)? Or run Vinelton until my eyes bleed (or I run out of the ability to make keys)?


EDIT: I’m running Normal SR 65-66.

Normal SR is not that good to farm purple now with the lowered reward, I think Nemesis hunting is better here for searching the blueprint, just reach nemesis with Kuba and do his run instead.

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Getting the piece from GDIA will not preven the BP from dropping.

The merchant only sells the lvl 75 one, dont bother with it. But if you need to farm dungeon merchants, you can go to the next/previous level wait for like 15 seconds and go back to the shop to find new goodies :slight_smile:

Keep doing SR, if you can push it to 75 do it. For diversity sake you can also run totems in bloodgrove. But SR should give you better results, especially if you stay in the same session.

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[quote=“Serious_Stan, post:3, topic:111768, full:true”]
The merchant only sells the lvl 75 one, dont bother with it. But if you need to farm dungeon merchants, you can go to the next/previous level wait for like 15 seconds and go back to the shop to find new goodies :slight_smile:[/quote]

Didn’t realize you could do a soft reset of the vendor while still in the instance like that. I feel sad for the lives of all those keys now. :frowning:

In any case, I would take the non-Mythical blueprint at this point because that would at least allow me to craft the entire non-Mythical set (transmutes) which would be a huge boost to both the damage and survivability of my build…probably allowing me to push 75-76 in Elite at least. This build is pretty fresh in terms of gear, so anything will be a big boost.

I imagine I could push to 75-76 without much effort. I just got tired of it the other night because I went 1-65 without a break…ugh. If I want a little change of pace I’ll change over to ultimate and farm Bloodgrove totems like you said.

Thanks for the tips!

As mentioned, you wasted 29 keys. Here’s a video showing how to reset Vinelton: Vinelton Demonstration + Sandstorm Streamer's Luck - YouTube (you don’t even have to wait in the 2nd area).

Here’s a list of all his blueprints: Search - Grim Dawn Item Database

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#$&^%#)(&# --methinks I’ll go spend some time in the grove then go back to SR.


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Took 11 resets and the blueprint for the cowl popped up. Thanks for the info. You just ungated my build.:grinning:

keep in mind vinelton sells the lvl lvl 70-75 blueprints, not the lvl 94 versions

regular SR is fine to farm blueprints, the problem with farming blueprints is that the system seems to, “in general”, give you the helm blueprints “last”, or at least dumps component and relic or other generic craft recipes on you first
having done a clean slate SSF char where i wanted to try test the efficacy of SR normal/veteran farm, i found it to be as fine a place to farm blueprints as Ultimate Monster Totems or Devotions shrines etc etc, before i reached 500 blueprints the game would give my anywhere from 3-8 blueprints per cash out (75-76)
when i reached around the 500 blueprint mark (according to GT checklist) blueprint drops started to lower massively, this didn’t change farming on Ultimate either, so seems to be sorta part of the way the blueprint weighted + reroll drop system just works “the more you have the less you get”