Question about buff Presence of Virtue

Beeing the noob i am i was wondering about presence of virtue. Does The “Chance for one of the following” only apply to melee attacks? Or would it apply to a spell like bloody pox?
I was wanting to try bloody pox and trying to figure out what buffs would work on it
Thank you!! <3 this game really glad i got it

Applies to % weapon damage only.

Intresting. So would the"75 bleeding damage over 3 seconds" that the shaman primal bond buff has apply to spells like bloody pox? Or is that weapon % as well?

Only skills with weapon damage.

Ok thank you <3 now i dunno what to pick with occultist that would mesh well with bloody pox

All flat damage bonuses that don’t specifically apply to a specific skill only modify your weapon damage. And, by proxy, skills that use said weapon damage.
Generally, a good match for any skill are any and all options that can reduce a targets resistance against the damage types of the primary skill.