Question about Celestial Power on summon

For example I bind Crown’s elemental storm to shaman’s wind devil, how does the storm get triggered? Is it 25% chance when I cast the summon, or 25% chance per attack of the summon? What about Rend on grasping vines?

25% chance whenever the summon deals any sort of damage.

Grasping Vines is a disable/nuke, and it can proc devotion effects whenever it deals damage on something. Note that devotion proc chance scales with the cooldown of some skills, generally skills with longer cooldowns will have higher proc rate.

So if summon/skills deal AoE damage over time, I can be sure that the celestial power will be triggered? That is really nice

BTW I hope you know that RR from Crown doesn’t stack with RR from Devils.

I actually don’t know that, but I just have 1 points in wind devil to trigger crown. In that case which one take precedence? Assuming my crown level is greater than wind devil?

They’ll have a much higher chance of being triggered, yeah. Usually that’s what a few points in summon-specific skills are for.

Crown, because Wind Devil’s RR comes from its upgrade. If you get both though, then whichever value is higher simply takes precedence.

1 point in wind devil doesn’t add any RR to it. RR is added by Raging Tempest.
Also if you are maxing Shaman’s tree I recommend to take Maelstrom at least 1 points (no need for more ulness you’re focusing on a lightning damage) as it greatly increase chance to proc devotions.
Also it should be noticed that summons like Devils have their own cooldown for celestial skills, separate for each summon. So you can have several procs at once (usually you have 2-3 devils active). It’s easily noticed with a Leviathan’s Whirlpool.

AFAIK greatest RR take precedence.
upd: ninja’d.

Thanks, what about passive devotion like Viper? Does it trigger on summon attack too, or just my character attack?

DoT damage ticks dont trigger constellations, only direct hits do. But constelation procs will work from summon’s attack/skills (though damage of procs will be scaled by pet bonuses too).

20% resist reduction is Weapon Effect, and it triggers only when YOU deal Weapon Damage.

DoT damage ticks dont trigger constellations, only direct hits do. But constelation procs will work from summon’s attack/skills (though damage of procs will be scaled by pet bonuses too).

They do. That’s pretty much the whole point of why various summoner builds use DoTs, and why skills like Curse of Frailty are so good at proccing devotion effects.

A skill must be assigned to a summon before it can benefit them. Once you assign a devotion skill to a pet, you can basically treat the devotion skill as a pet skill and it will scale with pet mods. Note that many pets don’t have weapons (so %weapon damage is zero for these) but some pets do (the Revenant of Og’Napesh).

CoF isnt DoT. It’s a skill, that periodically “hits” (every 1 second) during its duration. Same for skills like Bloody Pox or Devouring Swarm. Wind Devils also do “hits” every 1 second to all adjacent enemies. DoT ticks from electrocute, caused by Wind Devil, wont trigger constellations, only “hits” from Wind Devil itself will.

Semantics. They’re all DoTs, just that there are two types of DoTs I suppose. The ones with “over x seconds” won’t proc devotions, but the ones without that will.

No, true DoTs are Internal Trauma, Bleed, Poison, Vitality Decay, Life Leech, Burn, Frostburn and Electrocute damage types. All other damage types are considered “direct damage” in the game.

You may call skills that hit every 1 second with direct damage, “DoTs”, but in fact, their mechanics is the same as of any direct-hitting skill, they just hit multiple times. True DoT’s, however, have a different mechanics in GD - they dont trigger weapon effects (including ADCTH), dont trigger constellations, they make a crit roll on application only, they do constant damage over time, etc.

I could nitpick that, but yes that is the general idea.

It’s worth pointing out that “true” DoTs occurring exclusively on skills is rare. Almost every cast-and-forget skill has a “direct damage” component, as you call it, along with a duration.
That’s the main reason why I just consider almost every cast-and-forget skill a DoT skill.

Pretty much the only reliable source of “true” DoTs are item mods.

Theorycraft. If you stick to the numbers displayed on your screen, you will end up -and especially by thinking about which devotion abilities to assign to your pets- with a build that is not going to make much sense.

If you have different pets, try assigning an ability to one and then check out how it works with another. You won’t believe how different they will work.

I love the elemental storm, it is really a nice devotion ability to have when you are into elemental damage. I have then tried it with my summoner: on the stormhound, I could see 3 or 4 times the elemental storm per minute, not much more. And then I have assigned it to the Og’Napesh skeleton, and there were at least 2 of them at the same time during the battles, on a permanent basis as long as the skeleton had something to attack. It just cannot be compared.

At some stage, my army was triggering so many elemental storms, whirlpools, tsunamis etc during battles that my teammate started to complain about it (the cold-based attacks probably are the flashiest effects on the screen in the game). That’s how it works, but you have to experiment it for hours to get the best results. Yes, hours. I don’t know if there are some hidden stats for the pets or if it is simply because of their different behavior/mechanics/abilities, but there is no comparison between an army with wrongly assigned abilities and a sharp-tuned one.

So, really, it is up to you to discuss theorycraft or to practise reality.

If you’ve been listening to our back-and-forth regarding DoT and AoE skills, you would know why that is.

The revenant has various AoE/DoT abilities. He’s basically a flame revenant, so he also has those fire damage aura and fire nova skills and possibly an AoE swing attack, along with a control resist buff.

Give the hellhound Infernal Breath and he can potentially spam procs too.

This is what I was thinking too. I was under the impression that some pets were just basically very good into triggering %chance of attack stuff and some others less good, but, again, I did some experiments and I can no longer go to that conclusion: if you stick to the raw % number of the ability and the general “triggering level” of the pet, you may notice that it is just different between the abilities and the pets. I know that this makes little sense, but this is how it works as far I have tested it: the elemental storm says %25 chance on attack and the whirlpool 35% chance on attack, and yet the stormhound for instance triggers the whirlpool way more often than the elemental storm. And not just +10% more if you stick to theorycraft. It does like +40% more if you see it on the screen. So maybe it is just me or my pet was in the mood at that time, but, again, it really cannot be compared. This is why I encourage people to experiment that sort of things. Or maybe there were some external effects that have been applied like some attack speed bonus or the pet dealing with a target with more armor and defense, reducing the chance of hit, I don’t know, but I just feel that Excel Grim Dawn has its limits.

Hi I wasn’t sure if I should make a new thread.

For Devotion abilities assigned to pets will the devotion damage increase based on : 1 pet damage bonus? or 2: my characters damage bonus.

In my case I bound the elemental damage from the crown constellation to my raven familiar. Will my: 1 raven’s pet damage increase the devotion proc or 2 my own character’s elemental damage?

If it’s a pet like Briarthorn that scales with pet bonuses then it will increase based on pet bonuses.

If it’s a summon like Wendigo Totem that scale whith player damage bonuses then it will increase based on your character’s bonuses.

Thanks for your help!