Question about conversion stuff

Good day fellow Forum People,

I have a question regarding the conversion from the Blood Orb of Ch’ton.

What exactly does it convert?

Does it convert ALL Ele damage or are there exeptions?

Does it for one convert the damage from the Granted Skill from Iskandra’s Balance?’s-Balance

My Grim Calc from the build btw:

Couldn’t find a clear answer, or maybe I didnn’t look good enough.

Thanks in advance my dudes.


with iskandra’s relic everytime you attack with elemental damage there is a 15% chance that the attack would be calculated as if u had an additional 325% elemental damage. The active skill will give you the base damage and the critical damage but the 400% fire/cold would have no effect.
the reason being blood orb of cthon converts the damage and then the damage modifiers applied. (to avoid double dipping)
Also going over 100% damage conversion doesn’t increase your damage as the conversions become weighting so they still add up to 100.

Side note, Highly recommend points in maivens :slight_smile:

Didn’t put any points in that on purpose.

160-170K Dps FeelsGoodMan