Question about Critical Strikes

So i was wondering how Crits work in this game. Do crits roll per hit or per attack?

For example if i do an attack/cast that hits 5 enemies and it rolls a crit does it crit all 5 or is each emeny hit calculated independently and its possible to only crit 1 out of those 5 enemies hit? Im assuming the latter and its per hit since calculations for DA/OA are does on a per monster basis. Right?

Independently for every enemy. But if you have i.e. AoE devotion that procs on Crit it has multiple chances if attacking multiple anemies with your attacks. I recommend using search next time as it has been asked many times and it’s very easy to find.

By the way it wouldn’t be possible to be determined once for multiple enemies because every enemy has different DA value and you have a different Crit Chance for every enemy as a consequence. Credit to someone who noticed that the last time this question was asked. Baka, Ceno… one of those knowledgeable guys

Thank you thats exactly what i was needing to know. \m/