Question about [Damage Reflected]

Hi everyone. :bear:

I have a question about the damage reflexes (that reflective enemies have).
According to the icons, it reflects various debuffs as well as damage.
It seems like most of debuffs (including CC and RR) are reflected, but are there any exceptions?

I remember hearing that "some types of RR are not reflected ".
The fumble doesn’t seem to be reflected either.
But I’m not so sure about these.
I tried searching the forum, but I couldn’t seem to find the source of the information.

If someone could tell me, I’d appreciate.

It actually is reflected as well. But the thing is that they only reflect a small portion of the CC.

The only RR that can’t be reflected as far as i know is -% specific RR like from Curse of Frailty and Spectral Wrath. Flat and reduced target resistances can be reflected.

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Anything that can be inflicted with an attack can also be reflected. Curse of Frailty can not be reflected but for example a devotion with -%RR binded to your attack can be reflected if it procs to the enemy when it’s reflecting shield is up.

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@Norzan , @fordprefect , Thanks !

I hadn’t identified this correctly until now.

I understood RR’s reflection as follows.
If I’m wrong, please point out to me

"-n% x resistance"
This form of RR is impossible to reflect.

"n reduced target’s x resistance"
"n% reduced target’s x resistance"
This form of RR is possible to reflect.